For Believers in the Gospel....

Reply Sat 27 Mar, 2021 10:48 am
This writing is Philosophical, to say the least. If you are not a Christian, this writing is not for you. I'm being up front, so the response need not be with hostility. I'm not attacking ur science. I'm taking it further....

The Turba say, "....if ye place the body over fire without vinegar, it will be burnt....".

So the Water is that critical to have and to strengthen.

now, if the vinegar can keep one from being burnt by the fire.... then it seems reasonable to make steel a Water, and pass through!

Nevermind that for now. We have been given all things in Christ, and His Spirit resides in our Soul, which is a Water, by which all Experience comes about.

This Water needs mixed with His Fire.

I need to See as He Sees.

No darkness.

His Realm, is Spotless. So, if He allowed it, then my perception is off somewhere. Yeshua said, "the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in Me". So if it wasn't in Him, then He could not Experience it, aside from being our Perfect Sacrifice.

So ok, then what does that Sacrifice buy us who believe, here and now?

I believe His Blood gives us the legal right to dissolve anything not to be found in the Kingdom of Heaven, in our kingdoms.

We who believe are Ambassadors of Christ. But, we do not force it. We grow fruit from what is allowed. We flip it (Genesis 50:20), clean it, and this then presents as a Fire mixing with Water, as we Choose How to See.

This is where it hurts. but, it should not.... There is no pain in the Kingdom.

Some of this "shift of focus", as of right now, God has to do. He has to do ALL of it, else pride gets in. I know I can do nothing without Him.

So, back in the Beginning, in Genesis, in the first 3 Scriptures, we have Fire, Water and Air. Fire to put Air "over the Waters".

Then proceeds to make light. Very interesting. All is still a Thought, in God's Mind. So there is still no sun, moon or stars yet. But, light. Confirmed in Revelation 22, I think?

First, Fire. Then dark Water. Then Air, as Fire spoke, "over the waters". So descending order is Fire, Air, Water, then Earth, as the LORD called the Earth out of the Waters.

Now here we are, "made in the image of God", yet, NOT God.

God gave us something He did not give the rest of Creation: a Soul, a specific type of Water. Waters above and Waters below. Mind and manifestation.

God made a firmament to divide the Waters above from the Waters below. So, between Mind and manifestation, He made the Stone. This is beyond evident.

The Stone is full of a Water, and as I understand, this Water is Soul. Since "we see through a glass darkly", the Firmament is that which makes the Experience firm. Soul-Water gives Form to Earth-Water.

Here is where I see the fall of man. We lifted the creature above the Creator.

Surely God made an Earth, but our fall has not allowed the Experience of that Perfect Kingdom. How can we Experience Perfection as long as we hold Agreements with darkness??

So we were given the Light of Truth, whereby we can push back the darkness, and begin to See anew. This is how we make fire afraid of Fire. Our FireWater dominates their firewater. We have the Fire of Truth.

Once one sees this, the war is on. There is war in heaven. Our heaven!

Lucy was already kicked out of God's Heaven. Kicked down to earth, where the earth tries to claim preeminence. But it is fallen, satanic, demonic, and we are born into a world of lies.

Hell, to be exact.

Until we reclaim our own heaven, from the iniquity of lies believed.

Once understood, the proof is in our obedience. By dissolving anything IN US that is not supposed to be in the Kingdom, as Yeshua said, we cannot Experience it!

So what am I to do when I DO Experience things not to be found in the Kingdom?

Look at what is seeking to be fed.

But this REQUIRES a shift of focus. The LORD is not in the wind, the rain, the lightning, the thunder, but the "still small voice". The LORD is not in that which DEMANDS our attention. Nope.

He asks us what we believe about Him? Our reactions testify to what we believe, in that moment.

He cries, because we believe lies about Him, then we Experience some manifestation of those lies.

To come out of the lies believed, some for generations, it presents as a fire, "heated seven times hotter than normal".

This is designed to force our reactions, to feed the Monster.

But, if we SPEAK the Truth, OVER THE WATERS.... well, we have to make the earth presenting, a Water first.

Else, Fire feeds fire!

We must make the situation a Water, a spirit. That Water is a fire, but our FireWater has dominion!

That seems simple enough. But application is a fire like no other. Yeshua said we MUST "make our eye SINGLE"

Meaning, having our focus on the Truth Alone. Not the presenting storm.

Hence the "Peace that passes understanding".

Be blessed.

And hey, we can talk this out, but only believers need respond.
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Reply Sun 28 Mar, 2021 08:00 am
What makes us in the image of God?

Is it the flesh we are told to forsake? No.

Is it that we have a spirit? Are not they all spirits?

But no other spirit was given a Soul....

And what is Soul?

A spirit.... but a different kind of spirit.

Soul holds agreements with other spirits, and presents us with an
experience of those spirits.

Now, soul can be deceived, which is why we were given the Spirit of
Truth, by which to reform our Soul.

This is an entirely different understanding of "walking in the
Spirit", because it presents us with access to the spirit of man, the
Soul, which we understand to be our Mind, will and emotions.... But
there is more.... As holder of agreements, Soul also presents us with
Experiences of those agreements....

Do you get what I am trying to explain here??

Soulish agreements present us with lying Experiences! Not to say that
we don't see, hear and feel them, because we surely do! That is the
job of the Soul! To give us Experience of the spirits we are in
agreement with. And what is "iniquity", but the experience of lies

So look at Genesis 1 again. The Water, the Deep, we have known are
spirits. So spirits are a fire, and a water....

So when seen as a spirit itself, Soul too, is a Water! And the spirits
we are in agreement with, are a fire.... Thus presenting us with a
world of fiery experiences!

Genesis 2:19 testifies to this! God gave Adam the spirits He wanted
Him to be in agreement with, and then could give Adam the perfect
manifestation of those things!

Hence "waters above" and "waters below"!

Inside and outside!

Once Soul is understood to be a type of spirit, then one can begin to
put this fiery spirit under subjection of Fire!

It's right there! By cleaning up our "house", our Soul, with
our renewed Spirit of Truth and Mercy, Peace, Long Suffering,
Gentleness, Kindness, Joy, Justice, etc, we can begin to See our Realm
through those lenses!!!

Add in Protection, and Provision!

And viola! The Experience is destined to come!

But our Soul is what the devil has been after, is it not?! Not our
spirit per se, but our SOUL!!! It's the part of us that is most like

When under subjection to Truth that is....

The nature witches all claim the earth spirits have a soul.
But that is a lie. It is OUR SOUL that they use and manipulate! The
spirits don't have a soul! That's why they need us!!!

Matthew 8:13
"And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go thy way; and as thou hast
believed, so be it done unto thee....

Luke 11:34
"The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single,
thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy
body also is full of darkness."
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Reply Tue 30 Mar, 2021 09:13 am
I must warn you, if you haven't gathered already, this writing is not for all....

So check it, I was saying that Soul is a Water.

Hence "Waters above" and "Waters below".

Inside and outside, by way of Mind and Manifestation.

Once Soul is understood to be a Type of spirit, then one can begin to put this fiery spirit under subjection of Fire!

By Way of Water....

Making the Soul a Water, a spirit, but a special kind of spirit. "Separating soul from spirit", if you follow me here. The spirits, the deep, are a Water, but Soul is a spirit as well.... just a different kind.

So now we have made Soul a Water. Remind us of anything?


Not just any baptism, but a baptism of Fire.... Our fiery spirit just got baptized in Water, by Fire of Truth.

Baptized BY Fire, IN Water....

The Eye is made of a Water.... The light of the eye is a fire, until baptism, then a Fire.... when applied.

Water, mixed with Fire, brings about the Experience, because once one has made the two Waters one, the one must affect the other!

But you See, the external fires are “heated seven times hotter than normal”.... Daniel reference.

So look at that section of Scripture. Shadrak, Meshak and Abednego were basically DANCING IN THE FIRE, with One that looked like the Son of man.

This is one level of understanding, but there is more....

As I mentioned before, the existence of Truth, utterly deletes all lies.... For Truth to be Truth, there can be no existence of lies.... There are no lies in Heaven.... and we are to “come out from among them and be ye separate”, “do not touch the unclean thing”.

Having made all “inside” a Water, mixed with Fire, the Spoken Word as the Glue, we can now dissolve all lies.... as they get revealed. But they won’t get revealed unless we seek them out. Lord forces no one. There is one who forces, and he stands divided.

He is the liar. The very first liar.

He “opposes” the Truth.

But wait....

What can possibly oppose the Truth? Who can possibly oppose the Almighty???

And God is Absolute, is He not??

So then when iniquity was found in Lucy, he was evicted from Heaven, immediately. To the earth.

To us.

And there he has remained, hidden, occult, until enough momentum forces a manifestation that forces more.

But this liar, does not exist in God’s Kingdom. Only in ours. Our heaven. In our earth.

He only appeared to tempt us to eat of the tree that would give him power to exist.

God told us not to eat of it.

Until then, there was no evil. Until we had knowledge of it.... Then, the manifestation was bound to come.

My point is that there was no evil.... Until we gave it life....

Our life.

From then on, iniquity reigned, in the earth.

So it seems to me that we must do as we say the Father do, and cast satan out of our heaven too!

This will indeed delete all Experience of evil from our Realm, “everywhere the soles of our feet go”, because, “as you have believed, so be it done unto you”!

Some of this is reserved for the Lord to do, but does not in any way negate our searching out of lies believed and bringing self under subjection to the Truth.

The Experience must follow!

It’s Law!!!

“[Truth] cannot deny Himself”, and “God is not a man that He should lie”.
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Reply Tue 30 Mar, 2021 09:40 am
Luther believed alchemy was a true science, once separated from the "puffers". I am not sure to what extent Luther examined alchemy, but he did write about it having important qualities to the Christian.

I am quite sure most people of the faith do not know this. The information has been buried, and then the indoctrination and/or sorcery and/or mind-control has been reinforced and gaining momentum for generations. One needs to have it in them, given to them, to question outside the box, before one can be shown what is out there.... outside the Cave, as Plato would allude to.

Cognitive dissonance, is a modern term for the effects of sorcery and/or mind-control, and is effectively reinforce through Media and the social aspect of Society at large. People do not want to hear that their wonderful science is a lie, fully intent to deceive, keeping on focused externally.

Running in circles.

So we have turned it into a Race, to keep the people in a prideful, destructive daze, too emotionally attached to the system to separate from it and be able to adjust their eyes to the light outside the Cave.

This is not an attack on the ones who have "furthered science". This is merely a last-chance, wake up call.

There is no experience outside of Mind.

Even the brain, is an experience.

An Experience of Belief.

Therefore, Mind/Soul is understood as a Realm, in which each is their own Ambassador, subject only to the Laws of their Homeland, even in this lying kingdom.

Consider what is being claimed here. Is this not the same claim as, "the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand"?
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