Changing Beliefs.... Changing Experiences!

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Ok, after some research into how to change beliefs, for years now, and surely praying for guidance, I am brought to a new age website, by Deepak Chopra. As much as this info is twisted by him, and the spirits, there is Truth in it that can be of some help.

"Look upon what's happening now as a reflection of your core beliefs."
-- https://chopra.com/articles/to-change-your-life-change-your-core-beliefs

Out of the entire site, this is the one line. I mean, a few others are helpful but one has to be "aware", lol, of the twisting.

This becoming "aware" is the understanding that what's happening is a direct result of core beliefs about self, about God and about God's creation. This is exactly what my Biblical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Counseling teacher, Natalie Olsen was teaching. So it is only through Yeshua that one has legal right to this ability to affect change. All other paths, and guess what? He "never knew you"!

This "awareness", of the Truth that our beliefs directly affect our Experiences is exceptionally heavy, and hard to dig out, initially. But I feel that by prayer and fasting, the beliefs can be not only revealed, but due to "awareness", can be willfully changed.... According to HIS will.

If we cannot see what we believe as being the cause for the current life circumstance, then we have not dug it out yet. We have not struck gold! But finding the Root is not the only part.

Then there is the other side of "awareness".... Remaining "in the moment".

It is a direct choice of how we will experience, whatever we experience, in accordance with the Truth the Lord has revealed. If we have not reached a point where we feel at ease to walk in something, it has not yet been purified, and may still need other things revealed. So ask why on that one too! What is it we believe that hinders us from believing that? Hence from Experiencing that?

And this is a fire. A furnace, heated seven times hotter. I know I have brought this up before a thousand times, but it is truly a perfect Biblical picture.

Or, as some surely do not seem to prefer, lol, the Lion eating the sun....

Fire of Truth overcoming the fiery trials.

Please, consider what it is I am writing here. This is right at the guts of change. So are some of the new age shenanigans, as long as we can untwist the lies, and dig out the Truth that got twisted. Nothing can change at all, without obedience to some aspect of Law.... however twisted it may be.

If you don't feel called to search them out and untwist them, then ok, but this that I have explained here is Absolutely Legal.

Think about it. "Distraction techniques". That's how the enemy works. The Lord said to "make thine eye single". That's clearly a focus. A choosing how to see. How to Experience. In the moment!

Anyway, please pray the Lord strengthen me in this, so I can walk this out. I've been getting better, but far from done. And plenty of areas to apply it in!

"Look upon what's happening now as a reflection of your core beliefs."
-- https://chopra.com/articles/to-change-your-life-change-your-core-beliefs

Does this remind you of any particular cartoon movie??

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall...."


Soul/Mind's purpose is to unite two sides.... spirit and manifestation/experience.

So the Experience cannot be the Dictator of Truth!

This is the Ouroboros!

Hence we maintain the "loop", the "circular" Experiences that we so desperately seek to change! We are Promised change, but most have succumbed to the lie of "then".... "When we get to heaven".... When in Truth, Jesus Christ said "the Kingdom of Heaven is IN YOU"! "At hand"!

We have the Authority to change these manifestations, according to our Ambassadorship, and Truth.

But it requires going through the fires.... for a time. Maybe a time, times and half a time? Idk on that one.

But the rest is thoroughly on point.

Be blessed!

Jesus Christ is Lord!
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Reply Tue 14 Sep, 2021 11:08 am
Be true to GOD, and you will ALWAYS be truthful!
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Reply Sat 25 Dec, 2021 03:39 am
Let me ask one question: What is the root of that belief that you have written so much about?
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