Do you See what Eye See??

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Let the Sheep be separated from the goats.

All you physicists, know that no Experience occurs outside of Mind.

The revelation of Realms, starts with a revelation of Truth: a matrix-style understanding, mixed with our laws of motion; a dimensionally divergent process of separation and increase of specific momentum’s allow for an experience unparalleled by any system created by opposing forces.

Psychology is fully aware of our ability to lie to ourselves. It appears that Media is used to play on those lies, add new, and reinforce specific momentum’s at any given time, to manifest a specific reaction.

But in the uncovering of this puppet master, the Truth reveals His Power. Although, to see this, and I do mean to be able to see this Realm manifest, or to at least understand this, one has to be in love with Truth for the sake of Truth. Simply because it is the Truth.

Here, the ages old question is answered:

“What is Truth”?

Truth is a Realm, accessible to the believer to the Truth.

If on at all understands the power of lies believed, the the Power of Truth should astound.

Possibly not until the revelation of Realms though.

We all know that, “in Heaven”, there are no lies, no evil, no darkness at all. But Truth is, was and always will be. So Truth is a Realm, that “one day”, we may or may not have access to. But if you notice, we just equated Heaven and Truth in a Realm. One could even say that if Heaven is a Realm, then Truth is the Life of that Realm.

So when the embodiment of Truth Himself, Jesus Christ, gives us access to the Truth, “the Kingdom”, He has in fact given us access to the Realm of Truth. Hence, “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. We have access to Heaven, even in the earth, by Way of Believing the Truth.

Now remember, Paul said he did not even trust his own heart. Heart and Mind are synonymous in the Scriptures. So we may think we believe the Truth, but Jesus defined belief in Matthew 8:13.... “as you have believed, so be it done unto you”. In other words, we Experience what we believe. If what we Experience opposes the Truth, as written in the Scriptures, then we are believing lies somewhere that need to be brought under subjection of Truth.

This is a Furnace, heated seven times hotter than normal.

This is why some have said to “make fire afraid of Fire”.

I pray understanding be given, and the courage to walk it out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

"Newton’s laws of motion, relations between the forces acting on a body and the motion of the body, first formulated by English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton."
-- https://www.britannica.com/science/Newtons-laws-of-motion

"Forces acting on a body", is my first point.

From the same Encyclopedia article....

Newton’s second law is a quantitative description of the changes that a force can produce on the motion of a body. It states that the time rate of change of the momentum of a body is equal in both magnitude and direction to the force imposed on it. The momentum of a body is equal to the product of its mass and its velocity. Momentum, like velocity, is a vector quantity, having both magnitude and direction. A force applied to a body can change the magnitude of the momentum, or its direction, or both. Newton’s second law is one of the most important in all of physics. For a body whose mass m is constant, it can be written in the form F = ma, where F (force) and a (acceleration) are both vector quantities. If a body has a net force acting on it, it is accelerated in accordance with the equation. Conversely, if a body is not accelerated, there is no net force acting on it.

This is where I get the "momentum" factor, regarding the "force" of Belief.

This understanding also explains the alchemist's esoteric direction to, "Make fire afraid of Fire".

What I am trying to explain is that the things we have been taught, have been taught in such a way, so as to "solidify" the view of the people.... So to undo that solidification, makes it all a Water.... And as we read in Genesis 1 and 2, it all is, in fact, a Water. But we Experience what we believe, as according to Matthew 8:13.

This is far beyond proof enough, if one is willing to do the research and believe the Word of God, over their own Experiences.

These things cannot be denied once one is willing to look at themselves, and challenge every single and even subtle act of "force". Force itself is an opposition, is it not? Remind us of anyone?? ha'satan is his name, and for good reason.

But u see, or at least we can see, that the Truth has no opposition....

Who can defy God?

Therefore, the existence of Truth, dissolves the existence of lies. God is Absolute Light. No darkness in Him, at all, as affirmed by 1John.

But to apply this dissolution of lies, in our kingdoms, as Ambassadors are given to do, we must grow the fruit that overcomes the lies presenting; thus bringing the fires under the subjection of Fire.

It is the legal application of the Truth.

This is exactly why, if the alchemists were mentioned at all in school, ridicule is the greatest deterrent. That and not all are prepared to hear this, not being in love with Truth.

So they are kept outside the Kingdom, and force their own ways, seeing no other way to provide, protect, and be at peace. They claim peace time is preparation for war. But they do not see they give life, their life, to the very opposition they seek to dominate.

What I am trying to explain here is that "a house divided cannot stand". So as long as we maintain the belief that evil "could" happen, within our realm, "everywhere the sole of our feet goes", then we give life to the very thing we seek to be free from. We guard our own prisons.

But, if we begin to take back what has been stolen, and understand the enemy cannot steal what we do not give him, then we begin to clean house.... And when this monster no longer has a home in us, he has already been evicted from the Heaven above.... Meaning that he has nowhere left to exist but the earth.... on his way to the lake of fire.

The enemy knows his end. So when he is no longer allowed to remain in the saints, he will manifest outwardly, for a final forceful attempt to reclaim the Kingdom, and begin his final war with God.

But the liar cannot be allowed to exist, at all, in the Realm of the Believer of Truth. We must suffer the fires, and make fire afraid of Fire.

Jesus Christ (Truth) is Lord.... Meaning, there is nothing "real" but Truth.

Since there are no lies in the Truth, then our Experience of lies, being explained by a Scientific Method which is founded upon faulty and misleading Experiences, is in fact, the very lie maintaining our experience of the lies.

Some would call this reinforcement of lies Experienced, Iniquity.

This is my understanding of the Matrix we Experience, and how we have been affected. But rather than maintain the lies anymore, the prepared Mind is given to Escape the lying kingdom, Experientially.

This is Miraculous, by Choice. But, is a Worke of Hercules, to apply.

Those with ears to hear, the language of the birds, as Fulcanelli reveals, should be utterly astonished.

One warning I must depart with: Truth is all that will stand on that Great Day. The Experience of the opposition of Truth, forever, is the Lake of Fire. The Lake of Truth one stands forever in opposition to.
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