Dissolution of Anything Not To Be Found In the Kingdome....

Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 07:55 am
In all my research, for close to a decade now, it has become glaringly apparent that expereence is a choyce. There is not a single event that occurs outside of minde. The momentuum of certain emotions, does in fact govern the perception, acting as screen or a filter. So it is my contention that as one begins to take authority over these forcefull emotions, suffering the fires, one can reach a point when suffering itself must be dissolved. That is to say, the Experience of evil, can be dissolved, and thereby, no longer Experienced!

Now, this is where Offense comes in. Offense should not be there either, but loves to stake claim to Experiential rights. In order to dissolve offense, one must understand what is bound to happen. "Count the cost", as the Scripture states plainly. To annihilate the Experience of evil, the Experience of offense, one is asking for the most offensive attacks one could never possibly see coming. But, should one learn to overcome, the fruit would seem to be the peace that passes understanding....

As in, how could you be so peaceful throughout all that?!

That question can only come from one still in agreement with offense, and one can see that the question itself is offense seeking agreement again.

Subtle snake.

"Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves".
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Frank Apisa
Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 09:03 am
Sounds to me like a cake that needs a LOT more baking.
Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 02:49 pm
@Frank Apisa,
In what way? Aside from greenery....
Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 02:56 pm
He said your proposition is only about half baked.
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Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 03:17 pm
Where are you going with this? And what do you want from us?

Does anyone you know, personally, have an interest in this?

Are you in a Dissolution Club? or a Kingdome Club?

Do you people have lively debates on a regular basis?
Region Philbis
Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 03:20 pm
the Kingdome
was in Seattle, WA...

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Reply Fri 18 Jun, 2021 03:39 pm
Where I am going, I went.

What do I want from you? Why do I have to have a motive other than thinking out loud?

I have a personal interest in this, as would anyone else who took it seriously.

I am not in a "club", nor a society, nor a member of any intellectual institution, nor any institution at all, for that matter.

I believe anyone with half a mind has to ask some very profound questions, and learn to apply the answers they find, in a correct and understandable manner.

Why do you ask?
Reply Sat 19 Jun, 2021 06:06 am
"There is not a single event that occurs outside of minde."

Now, this statement could be looked at as "crazy", but it is scientifically a fact that we know of nothing whatsoever that occurs outside of a mind to experience it. Which says to me that mind is far more powerful than we have been allowed to understand. Of course, there is a legality issue, which is why I tie in Scripture.... Some may say I have "proven" nothing, but to those I simply ask to look harder.

In a sense, this actually opens up a convo on the difference between soul (mind) and spirit, if any are willing to go there??
Reply Mon 21 Jun, 2021 11:46 pm
I suspect the OP is bored and probably just as bored as the rest of us. We should shoot this over to orallroy and perhaps he will take some time out of his busy schedule to explain it to us.
Reply Tue 22 Jun, 2021 06:44 am
Or the other one who has an opinion on everything. Rolling Eyes
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The Anointed
Reply Thu 12 Aug, 2021 06:51 am
1 Thessalonians 5:23 23May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our LORD Jesus Christ.

Luke 10: 27; ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind’.

The invisible mind that develops within your body is the invisible spirit that is ‘YOU’.

YOU,” as a human being, are Body, Soul and Spirit, but “YOU” the invisible mind, are spirit. The body in which you, [The mind] are developing as the supreme head and controller of that body, is made up of the universal elements, which is activated by the soul [Animating life force] to which all the spirit [gathered information] of all your ancestors, human and pre-human has been gathered in its evolution to become ‘WHO YOU ARE’, and that parental spirit dwells behind the veil of the flesh to the inner most sanctuary of its temporary earthly tabernacle or tent, which is your physical body, as it awaits the creation of its glorious temple of incorruptible Light. [THE SON OF MAN]

If that body in which your parental spirit dwells, were born without the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, etc, then no information whatsoever could be taken into the brain, and “YOU” who are spirit [Gathered information] could never have begun to develop and the living body, in which the parental spirit dwells, would soon die, never having developed a personality or “CONTROLLING GODHEAD” to that body.

When the body in which you [the mind] are being formed, dies, [This is the first death] and your body of “skin, flesh, muscle, blood, bone, brain matter etc, etc,” has returned to the universal elements from which it was created, all that remains, is a shadow or rather, a facsimile of YOU, the mind or spirit, that has been imprinted into the universal life force or soul, which returns to ‘THE GREAT THOUGHT,’ [The collective consciousness of all that exists] from which it will be resurrected in this cycle, or the next cycle of universal activity.
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