I don’t know what to do.

Reply Sun 24 Jan, 2021 12:51 pm
So i and my 7 friends went to hut. When we all unpacked our lugages we decidet to drink. It was my first time drinking strong alcohol. I and one of my friend(X) got really drunk. Others were ok but they were anoyed because we were too loud. Then my friend X and I were sent to sleep in another room. We laughed a lot and didn't want to sleep. Then she asked if i want to kiss . I thought it was funny (because i was drunk) and i agreet. So we kissed a lot and i even gave her a hickey. In the middle of kissing i told her that i think iam Bi, she just said something like “Ok” and we continued to kiss. Then she said she wasn’t felling good and that she wanted to puke. After i went to toilet and others were helping that friend X because she wasnt felling good(she puked) i went to bed. All my friends told me to go to bed so I pretended to sleep but in reality i started thinking about what I did (I was still drunk). After my friends helped friend X,she fell asleep.In the morning i realized what i did.When we were all together, one friend asked friend X where did she get a hickey( i started to panic) she didn’t tell who did it. I know friend X remembers everything but we were avoiding each other.
Now i am home and writing this. She is a really Good friend and i dont want to ruin our friendship. What do i do ?
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Reply Sun 24 Jan, 2021 01:33 pm
Talk to her.

Explain that you're not ready to come out to the world yet, so could she please not tell anyone it was you.

And next time, don't get so drunk that you lose impulse control. Bad things happen when people do.
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Jennie Hunt
Reply Mon 25 Jan, 2021 02:33 pm
Talk to her, explain to her the situation. Tell her you didn't do this intentionally. Apologize to her and request to don't your friendship.
And be aware next time and don't drink too much.
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Reply Fri 25 Jun, 2021 06:53 am
Try not to think about it. It was just a drunken act. Pretend that nothing happened.
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Reply Thu 9 Sep, 2021 11:41 pm
It will be okay. Considering how drunk you were, that wasn't that bad. I've heard of people doing really crazy things when they were drunk. Maybe thank her for not telling your other friends what happened and ask her if she could not tell anyone that you are bi because you are not ready yet. I don't think this would ruin your friendship because she wanted to kiss you, you didn't make her do it. I don't think you did anything wrong.
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