Which method of superhero/supervillain quick change is better and how do I simplify both?

Sat 9 Jan, 2021 01:30 am
Hi. A while back I was talking about doing a cartoon and/or comics series about streetfighters that fight crime. I was thinking about how on some rare occasions the main heroes and main villains could quick change from their ordinary civilian IDS to their costumed suped-up superhero and supervillain IDS respectively. I came up with two methods. I would like to know which one do you like better? I would also like to know how I can simplify both methods.

I thought about an easy, practical and modern-day 21st century, techy way streetfighters could quick change out of their civilian clothes to their superhero or supervillain clothes and back again and I came up with the following first solution.

Most people I assume in this day and age use mobile phones and I presume a large number of these phones are smartphones.

A streetfighter can pull a case carrying a smartphone out from under his shirt or whatever top he is wearing, or from under his jacket, vest, coat, etc. He then takes the phone out, turns it on and activates voice command. After which he utters the phrase, "time to supe up", which in turn engulfs the phone and the streetfighter in a flickering mass of light, and thus causing the streetfighter to appear as a black silhouette within the mass of light. The silhouette then temporarily disappears from the mass of light for a brief period, and then reappears in the mass of light. The mass of light and silhouette disappear shortly after, unmasking the streetfighter who appears in his suped up, costumed identity.

When he wants to change back he pulls the case carrying the smartphone in it from under his costume, takes the phone out and activates voice command again, this time uttering the phrase "time to supe down" to spark the transformation process, this time ending with the streetfighter in his normal, depowered form and civilian clothes.

When the streetfighter disappears from sight in the mass of light, he is in a dimension powering up and undergoing the transformation process and changing into costume and he puts the phone away before he materializes back. Similarly, when he wants to go back to normal, when he disappears from sight in the mass of light, he is in that same dimension powering down and changes back into his regular clothes and puts the phone way before he materializes back.

The character enters a transformation chamber in said dimension to supe up and change into costume and to supe down in and change out of costume.

Is there a way I can further simplify the quick change process from normal, civilian-clothed ID to costumed and suped-up ID and back again?

The characters don't have normal natural superpowers. The characters use their smartphones like regular phones like normal people almost 100% of the time. Only under rare and special instances would they have to use them to become superheroes or supervillains. Their phones are tweaked to recognize their voice patterns and frequencies.

However I could eliminate the need to utter key phrases to activate the transformation processes but uttering the key phrases makes things easier.

Here's my second solution:

It would probably be even easier if a character uttered the catch phrase "time to supe up" to activate creating a portal from the smartphone for the character to walk, jump or run into. (Kind of like how Rick creates portals with his portal gun in Rick and Morty.) The character goes through the portal with the phone in his hand and then a few minutes later the character pops back out of the portal in his costumed, suped-up identity, with the phone being put away and the portal closes behind him.

In a similar manner he pulls the phone out again and utters "time to supe down" to start the process to go back to normal.

Is there a way to simplify this even further?

Please help. Thank you.
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Sat 9 Jan, 2021 02:22 am
Is anyone here good at creating writing who could please help me out? Please let me know. Thank you.
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Real Music
Sun 10 Jan, 2021 09:43 am
1. I believe your first solution would be better because the costume transformation is much faster.

2. In your second solution you stated that the character would go through a portal with the phone in his hand and then a few minutes later the character pops back out of the portal in his costume

3. I believe that the two most important aspects of switching in and out of costume is both speed and anonymity.

4. If you prefer your second solution, could you write in a way to speed up the costume transformation?
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Sun 10 Jan, 2021 09:59 am
About the only thing I would suggest (I haven't read comics in years) is to remove the phrase "time to". You don't need it, and it wastes your hero's time.
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