Lockdown in the Capitol Building

Reply Wed 6 Jan, 2021 02:41 pm
This is a horrible day.

I hope all A2Kers and their loved ones are safe.

On 9/11, on Abuzz, there was a thread to check in.

Let's make this thread the same.

And if anyone is thinking this thread is a dandy place to be getting into a political tussle, you don't want to be doing that.

Yell about that anywhere else.

But not here.

I am not ******* playing.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
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Reply Wed 6 Jan, 2021 04:20 pm
Thanks for bringing this back to some sanity.

A few close friends and my sister (local in so FL) despite their efforts, got COVID. They’re doing well though and should make it through without residual problems. Scary stuff. We press on with caution.

We are celebrating an anniversary with our Cockapoo, Honey. She has now been with us in our home for over 12 months. She’s the love of our lives and has made all that has gone on in the outer world more than bearable. Each day she lifts our spirits with the clever and funny tricks and behaviors.

At aged 70, I’ve lived long enough to have experienced major political crises that shook me to my core. I don’t care what political persuasion anyone has — This is not civilized nor is it productive. This sort of
anarchy has got to be stopped. I’ve heard that one woman was already seriously injured. What does it take for people to realize this behavior isn’t justifiable nor should it be tolerated by ANYbody!
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Borat Sister
Reply Wed 6 Jan, 2021 06:32 pm
Wishing you all well. Peace and reason.
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Reply Wed 6 Jan, 2021 08:54 pm
jespah wrote:
On 9/11, on Abuzz, there was a thread to check in.
Let's make this thread the same.

I did not leave my house today. I'm still in Michigan and well away from any violence.
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Reply Wed 6 Jan, 2021 09:43 pm
My dinner tray was missing the cookies listed on my menu slip! Fortunately for me, I had one left from yesterday.

The word ISOLATION is still appearing on the thing too.

4 weeks ago this adventure began...
...I think it is getting stale.

Oh well, at least the trains keep coming and going.

Reply Wed 6 Jan, 2021 10:49 pm
Around 2:30 P.M. today I was watching the news and could see people pouring into the Capitol building, It was unbelievable....It brought back memories of the takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran....horrifying, but these people are Americans. Film from the inside showed men with huge duffle bags and back packs, this is holy **** time as far as I'm concerned.

I don't think anybody knows yet exactly who those people are, but they were looting, pipe bombs were found and tonight I heard they found Molotov cocktails in a truck in the area.

It defies credulity that law enforcement wasn't able to respond quickly. The Peaceful protests in Lafayette Park were violently and forcefully removed to make room for Donald Trumps photo-op....so you know it can be done.....I don't mean peoples heads should be cracked, but jeez, they bum-rushed the Capitol and injured the guards, posed with articles they were stealing and took photos of themselves sitting in the Speakers Desk. They weren't there to discuss anything, they came to terrorize.

Not only was this all uselessly destructive, it was a massive FU to our country. Really folks, did any of those 'Gravy Seals' look like they can run a country or protect the citizens? Most of us can avoid rioters by staying away from troubled areas, But Congress was in session and many many government employees had to be there just doing their jobs. I can't imagine how frightening it had to be hiding from a mob whose purpose was unclear.

I'm not expressing a political opinion, but since I worked for DOD I would have been terrified if any mob breeched our security. Maybe that's why I find this all so disturbing.
Reply Thu 7 Jan, 2021 09:06 am
Agree wholeheartedly!

Thinking back to the comic strip character Pogo when he wrote/said “we have met the enemy and he are us!”

This is not some Russian or Iranian or Chinese or another foreign terrorist that attacked us. This is a bunch of home-grown thugs who got past some worthless CAPITOL POLICE. What is the sense for decent qualified civic minded people to want to serve in government?

What a major POS Trump is. He must be prosecuted for this inciting the riot and about a dozen other crimes.
Reply Thu 7 Jan, 2021 04:38 pm
Only one of the people arrested yesterday actually lived in D.C. The rest were from other States.
Reply Thu 7 Jan, 2021 04:49 pm
many of these guys ere from southeast and central Pa. They interviewed one guy from Myerstown Pa who, while saddened by the looting and damage, bore no responsibility or didnt feel that Trump had anything to do with inciting these morons.
Its amazing how stupid these guys are, the JD and DC police and the FBI are just going through the photos theyve collected.


The Lancaster paper this AM reported that about 200 people took a bus to DC to demonstrate and got there just as the fireworks started and the looting and vandalism.
The Lancaster contingent got back into their bus and went home totally disappointed how what was supposed to be a peaceful demo turned ugly
Reply Thu 7 Jan, 2021 07:47 pm
Unfortunately for that Lancaster group, the FBI will be collecting information from all the bus companies arriving in D.C., who hired them, passenger lists and so on. They didn't do anything illegal, but they will fall under the microscope....and that doesn't always work out well for people.
Reply Thu 7 Jan, 2021 08:41 pm
The US Representative, Lloyd Smucker, of Lancaster, has been a staunch Trumpie even as many of the other Pa GOP reps have been distancing themselves from Our Calligula. So having the FBI snooping around for th busload of attendants will place the scope on ole Lloyd.

Remember though, the LAncaster Contingent returned to Lancaster rathher than joining the vandalism and insurrection.

We already know who they are because they had a Lancaster Newspaper reporter on the bus also. His story was framed in an assertion that the Lancaster Trumpies werent part of the INSANE
CLOWN POSSE that carried out the vandalism and theft and intimidation.

Reply Thu 7 Jan, 2021 09:15 pm
Fscinating how much modern forensic sciences are coming to the aid of the investigators. Photo recognition software have been mt up with "tips" about who some of the perps are. Travel and lodging receipts have been collected and reviewed for relevance.

Like forensic accounting, I imagine pairing names to photos is a task that cant be too xciting to the technicians (unless they score a hit and that leads to others)

These "Patriots" should learn that they can , even if the charges get dropped, they will have dossieres of their personal information.
As sister Attila (the nun) used to say
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