Life advice about current bad situation help

Sat 2 Jan, 2021 08:40 pm
Hello, I am depressedexpressed and I have been feeling crappy for a while.
Two years ago I decided to reevaluate my friendships and found out that the circle I was in was very toxic so I abandoned them with led me to pick up a coping mechanism of eating sugar sometimes I can resist but sometimes... it’s too much I decided to join a community and occupy myself but even so I have been feeling bad.
Last year I was rejected by all of the universities I applied to
And this year I am forced to chose between going to x university or going to y university and people keep throwing their problems at me, I am second youngest in my home but I feel like I am the parent sometimes because people can’t communicate, and then my father comes to vent to me these situations about the lack of communication but he himself doesn’t want to try and it’s just too much, I feel like I am dealing with a lot , I just want my liberty, living with these people forces me to be exposed to their mood and it hasn’t been a good thing I don’t want to go to x place because I will probably have to live with my brother and he has bad habits, I will also live in an area where a lot of toxic people I was hoping not to see again live.
As for the y area is less expensive but It starts at the end of the year and I already spent one year studying.
I know that probably I am being selfish by venting and asking for help here but I just don’t have another place to go I have no friends , I don’t trust my family and I have no freedom , I am being forced to choose between x or y university then I have to sit there and take criticism and being told that there will be no money to fund it if I chose one of them.
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Sun 3 Jan, 2021 06:27 am
If it isn't selfish for your father to vent, then it's not selfish for you to vent, either.

No one is stopping you from complaining here. Complain away.

If your family has financial concerns about tuition, you need to take those concerns seriously. If you're footing the bill 100% then what they are saying can be safely ignored. But from what you've written, it doesn't sound like you are paying anything toward tuition.

Ever hear the expression, he who pays the piper calls the tune?

If your folks are paying your tuition and they tell you that they can't afford x or y university, then it was foolish to apply to either of them.

Your first two years can be spent at a cheap junior college or community college and then you can transfer. This would be affordable and would show you were acting responsibly.

You are all over the place with this post. In some of it, you're saying you want to be treated like a grownup. Ignoring statements about economic hardship is not the way to go about it.

Bottom line: if you want to be treated like a grownup, then you have got to start acting like one.
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