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Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2020 12:42 pm
Themightyquinn wrote:

I don't? Or what? Let's try a little perspective. If 99.7% of your penis got cut off but .3 % healed would that mean the injury was a hoax?

No you don't. And the stupid analogy is as dumb as the sock someone created to spout the bullshit you are.
Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2020 04:57 pm
Could you make yourself a little more specific?
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Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2020 08:37 pm
maxdancona wrote:

Brandon9000 wrote:

So you are saying that the hundreds of affidavits are ridiculous without seeing a single one?

Yes. It is the job of courts to decide if affidavits have any value. Until then, the affidavits mean nothing.

In my defense I did watch some of the testimony in given in state legislatures. Some of them were pathetic, others were hilariously pathetic.

Translation: You are saying that hundreds of affidavits are ridiculous without reading a single line of a single one.
Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2020 08:50 pm
Hmmmmm....if the .3% healed would that make him/her less of a dick?
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Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2020 08:52 pm
So do you believe in the affidavits because you have read all of them? Why didn't you say so?
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Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2020 08:54 pm
Sure. I rejected them without reading a single line (actually I am not sure if that is true... but I also don't see the point). I did watch testimony of a crazy lady, and of a self appointed "mathematician/ computer scientist) who.clwaely didn't have a clue about mathematics or comouy science.

I find this all ridiculous.

But I will give you a chance... Point me to an affidavit that isn't ridiculous and I will read it for you
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