Communication Homework Questions. PLEASE HELP!

Wed 18 Nov, 2020 02:55 am
Hello, I am looking for help with an assignment for my communication class. I am supposed to interview someone that was 20 in 1980 and ask them some questions. I don't personally know anyone that fits that bill and can't go out and find someone because of COVID, so I was hoping if anyone fits that description or is close (35 - 45 years old) could answer these questions. Thank you to anyone who answers.

1. What technology did you typically use to communicate with friends during your 20's? For example, fax machines, phones, car phones, radio, email, pager, beeper, TV

2. Was that technology different depending on whether those friends were close by or out of state? For example, if you were trying to contact someone out of state what method would you use versus the method you would use for a friend who was local

3. For the questions above could you give some examples of how you used that technology for communicating? Stories or memories about using a specific communication media that was specific to the '80s that isn't used anymore is what I am looking for. Funny stories are welcome too?

4. Has your communication style changed over the last 30 years? How?

5. What were some big communication methods you saw come to life? for example, social media, i phones.

6. During the '80s versus now how different are the methods of communication in the workplace? What did employer's employees use to communicate with each other back then that is different than what we use today (for example many workplaces nowadays have a group chat, Snapchat, Twitter where they communicate with one another)?

7. What do you think are some advantages and disadvantages of new media-based communication styles?
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Wed 18 Nov, 2020 02:30 pm
Check the internet for senior citizens. If the person was 20 or so in 1980, they are either already just about 60 or older.

Communication back in those days (I was already beyond 20 in 1980), included sending information through pneumatic tubes.

People had these things called Rolodex. They had removable and replaceable blank cards. The user would write a phone number and other information on the cards. Look on the internet for visuals of the Rolodex.

Digital phones were yet to appear. However many people had advanced to push-button phones which was something which made dialing a number faster than with rotary.

Email? Did it exist? Computerized technology had not yet flooded the planet. It existed, but was in an underused and often feared location. Back then, there were punched cards. That was a common way to insert a program into a computer system. Punched card technology went back to the late 1800s and has been widely credited to Herman Hollerith. That answers your next question regarding the Hollerith Card, which you have likely read of in books.

Anyway, this is your assignment, not mine. Hopefully, someone else will saunter in and further help. Until then, use the internet with inquiries about 1980 technology and maybe a few youtube visuals will appear.
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