Why are so many people suffering with anxiety and depression?

Mon 24 Aug, 2020 12:41 pm
What are so many people suffering mentally, any views?
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Mon 24 Aug, 2020 12:46 pm
Uncertainty would be my guess.
Mon 24 Aug, 2020 12:48 pm
Uncertainty,that’s interesting...uncertainty in what though?
Mon 24 Aug, 2020 01:37 pm

One word answers ... how adroit. Not.

We as a species are bio-mechanical machines, as Plato first recognised. What makes us supposedly different from a robot is emotional responses. It is at this juncture important to note that not all humans have emotional responses. Some are bereft of emotions.

The species in general has reactions to environment, situation creates a balance of 'emotions' which are created by the pertinent situation. One could reference Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. These emotions flow in and out, up and down in seconds often.

The base emotion is FEAR .... Fear drives ALL OTHER EMOTIONAL RESPONSES .... This is in capitals to try and help people understand of that there is zero debate. None. That is the fact of human emotions.

Fear drives 'Fight or Flight' ... The base activation of the body in response to emotion. If anyone has ever been so afraid they feel sick, this is because the body is about to purge the stomach contents so you can run faster. People sweat when in fear because of the adrenalin coursing through their veins.

Now, here is the issue for the modern world. It is this, the internet, which is much the issue.

If one goes to 3rd world countries then the incidence of 'depression' and 'anxiety' as academic research proves is far lower, almost trace. Whilst indeed the world's most anxious and depressed countries are the USA, India and China.

The US culture? Work more, earn more, buy more or you are a failure. Do not ask for help, weakling .... India? Educate, educate, educate and look after your entire family with your income ... Indeed many families, meaning extended families from poor backgrounds send the brightest child through private education and university: Then that child has to support all the supporters once working. China? The Chinese have a vast work and money ethic, to the point of death. These are obviously generalisations but there is endless truth in these anecdotal statements.

This constant pressure on the masses in countries like the USA, pressure which has been ramped up by 24/7 social media and the endless toll of advertising and perceived social pressure ... means that for so many, those who desperately seek validation of the pack which is the normal state of the average human .. They NEVER switch off 'Flight or Flight', they are held in a constant position of extreme emotional flux and distress.

That is why the west has these vast and growing bands of depressed and anxiety afflicted people .... The economic 'given' of the past 150 years is collapsing, the west falling as the east rises .... No more high paid industrial work for the poorly educated ..... Only more debt, constant uncertainty and for the 80% in the west, a hand to mouth existence. How long could any of you who work last without pay? A week? A month? ... Then who feeds your kids and pays your rent? That is where anxiety arrives from.

In poor 3rd world countries that is how the vast majority see life ... A tin shack if they are lucky and all day spent trying to find something to eat is the fundamental .. They have no expectations ... However, why does anyone imagine that illegal immigration is ramping up? Bizarrely because they haven't any food, medical care or anything more than a garden shed to live in .. But the local bar has internet TV and they want what they see.

Again this is a lay answer, but the reality is that if one holds an average human in constant flux, tells them constantly by all they see and experience that they are not good enough, they not validated by some unseen God of Capitalism and their peers .... Then pass out the antidepressants by the bucket.

Returning to an earlier point ....... Those who do not have emotions in any recognised sense, they do not get anxious or indeed depressed; because we have no fear and no need for validation from others.

Mon 24 Aug, 2020 02:12 pm
Thanks for your response I have read it a few times ... you have made some valid points.I didn’t understand your statement ...Some are bereft of emotions...surely everyone has emotions? When it comes to the day to day survival in 3rd world countries you would have thought that anxiety and depression would be higher in these countries as a result.When it comes to wealthier countries,I wonder if anxiety and depression is self inflicted due to individuals always wanting more rather than settling for just enough.
Tue 1 Sep, 2020 08:58 am
IMO,one of the main reasons people are depressed/anxious is that they have nothing to hope in ....in the bigger picture I mean ....They have been told that there is no such thing as God and that evolution has proved this.What a load of nonsense.Nobody can PROVE that God exists or doesn’t exist.Nobody.The equation needs rebalancing.
Tue 29 Aug, 2023 02:47 am
I would suggest that we do know how the brain/mind interface works but in order to do so we need to understand our interactions with it and why they happen and what we experience due to our interactions with it.

I would suggest that the cosmos is symmetrical in its make up. All the information we require to figure it all out is right here, right now, for PRESENCE to become AWARE of and interpret correctly. I would suggest that presently accepted science is not interpreting the information correctly.

The problem with unsymmetrical (SPECTATOR) science is that it has created theories whereby it is impossible for PRESENCE to be in two places at once (observer/observed).I would suggest that it is impossible to figure it all out with this science because you will always be on one side of the fence or the other hence the symmetrical formula +/-=+/- can once again be applied .i.e.

observer +/observed - =observer +/observed -

With unsymmetrical science PRESENCE isn’t recognized. However, I would suggest that PRESENCE is merely UNAWARE that it is “toggling” backwards and forwards between two points. PRESENCE is “toggling“ backwards and forwards because it is always under the influence of vibratory but balanced and symmetrical electromagnetic fields (+/-=+=-) which have not been cancelled out.

Even though PRESENCE is “toggling” between two points because of the influence of these vibrating electromagnetic fields, PRESENCE isn’t the divided + and - interacting electromagnetic forces which make up the balanced vibratory electromagnetic fields. Remember the UNITED formula +/-=+/- is made up of the 4 off possible interaction combination forces -/-…-/+…+/-…+/+

In summary, I would suggest that PRESENCE is a separate element to + and - and is AWARE of the vibratory nature of these interacting + and - forces having balanced them through AWARENESS.

If you can't relate science to the brain/mind interface in a meaningful way then of what use is it?

Understanding the brain/mind interface is the ultimate goal for science I would suggest.

I would suggest that PLAYER science is the only way to understand the brain/mind interface. You cannot explain it with SPECTATOR science.

Disengaged automated thoughts and reasoning involve both sides of the fence and encapsulate the united formula +/-=+/-

So applying a practical application to this in order to assist our mental health and in order to make sense of alternative PLAYER science rather than SPECTATOR science. Also, in order to give confidence in PLAYER science.

We should always try to remain in synch with ourselves by locking into an ANCHOR point.

What do I mean by this?

We should always make sure that when we think and reason we are looking through the 2 windows of our bodies (our eyes).

Sure, we will disengage from this ANCHOR point to engage with automated thoughts, however I would suggest that we need to be more AWARE of this.
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