major incident in London

Steve 41oo
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 04:28 am
I quite understand. London is far too dangerous for American service personnel. Baghdad however....
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 05:22 am
The US has lifted a ban on UK-based military personnel and their families travelling to London in the aftermath of Thursday's bomb attacks. The move followed criticism from police, politicians and tourism officials in the capital.


Bush, before the ban was lifted: "Just as America and Great Britain stood together to defeat the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, we now stand together against the murderous ideologies of the 21st century"
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Steve 41oo
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 06:17 am
whoever gave that instruction must be severely embarrassed.

Think I will call USAF Mildenhall and ask if they think its ok for me to use the central line tommorrow.
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Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 07:11 am
The cops are having a party oop north in Yorkshire. They've hit 6 proerties, run a controlled explosion & have connections back to London
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Steve 41oo
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 07:17 am
Raids on homes in Leeds this morning.

Chief police officer Ian Blair says more attacks are likely.

Probably because of the raids on homes this morning.

I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that British citizens, for the most part born and raised and educated in Britain are so alienated and angry with the British government's foreign policy, that they are prepared to kill scores of other British citizens - at random and with no regard for ethnicity, religion or social status.

Tony Blair (referring to New York) said they killed 3000 but if they could they would kill 30,000 or 300,000. Are we to prepare for this?
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Lord Ellpus
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 07:49 am
I have long had the same concerns as Steve. I wont say where the school is, but my wife has just taken over as head of a Senior school in a very large, predominantly Moslem area.
She has already made some changes in the couple of terms she has been there, and has had long and frank talks with the local religeous leaders there.
This follows various reports she received regarding pupils being taken back to Pakistan during term time, to supposedly attend Family weddings etc. These "holidays" last in some instances, for seven or eight weeks, and some pupils have returned saying that they were put through an intensive course of "religeous teachings" whilst there, and many showed distress at what they had experienced but would not elaborate.
She was also told by fellow Teachers, many of them Moslem, that following the 9/11 atrocity (before she started there), there was a near riot in the school when some young male Moslem pupils started making paper aeroplanes with "bin laden airlines" written on them, and threw them around in classes.

She has now banned any type of holidays during term times, and "family commitment" (weddings, funerals etc) will only be given for a period of four consecutive school days.
She checked the law and local Education Authority policy on this, and has found that she is quite within her rights to take the child off school "roll" (ie they are no longer registered as a pupil in the school) if they contravene the term time holiday rules.
Letters were sent out to every parent warning them of the consequences, and she had a major "open forum" meeting in the school on that, and related matters, for anyone who wished to attend.

During the next term, she removed five pupils from the school roll due to unofficial holidays, before the penny dropped in the Community. Her school is a good one and is very heavily over subscribed, so to lose a place there is a massive blow to a family, who then have to look elsewhere.
The unofficial holidays stopped, and she is continuing with very constructive dialogue with the local leaders. These leaders seemed surprised about the "training" given during those holidays, and are now paying close attention to what is actually going on with their local "flock".

I think this type of thing needs to be adopted everywhere in the UK, as there is obviously a small minority of these "British" lads that are, one suspects, being cherry picked for recruitment into fanatical fundamentalism.....and we are all pretty sure what that means.

The Moslem leaders in the UK, who are in the main peace loving, should look to their young and monitor just what they are up to, and who they are mixing with.
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Steve 41oo
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 08:09 am
Interesting Lordee, thanks.

I think the problem goes back 40 years or more. The asian communities came over to work the mills and the factories, we made very little attempt to reach out to them, and they kept themselves to themselves. Then some silly sod of a sociologist determined that what was becoming segregated communities was a "good thing" under the guise of cultural diversity.

I think these madrassas and other relgious instruction schools are very dangerous. But "we" cant say so because its racist. Tolerance and respect for others works both ways.

Best of luck to you and LadyE
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Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 08:23 am
Sounds like your wife is doing great work, Lord E
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 08:34 am
Yes, indeed!

Local report from the 'Leeds Today/Evening Post'

Terror Cops Swoop In Leeds
5 homes raided in hunt for London bombers

Police hunting the London bombers today raided five homes in West Yorkshire, including three in Leeds.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said today's raids were "directly connected" to last Thursday's four blasts in the capital.
Scotland Yard said the raids were part of an "intelligence-led operation". No arrests were made during this morning's operations.
And today in Leeds around 600 people were evacuated from six streets in Hyde Park, Leeds, when the army carried out a controlled explosion to get into a property.
No-one was inside. Police seized computers and other property from the house and were continuing to search the house.
Earlier police sealed off roads as they began to search each of the five houses. Addresses searched in Leeds included one house in Colwyn Road, Beeston, along with a second in nearby Stratford Street and a third in Colenso Mount, Holbeck. The Dewsbury houses were at Lees Holm and Thornhill Park Avenue.
At each address, police - including armed officers - moved in from 6.30am today. They began searching the houses, taking away documents for later examination.
There were reports that two people being sought by anti-terrorist officers were not at their addresses in south Leeds when police moved in today. Neighbours said two men had not been seen since the weekend.
Today's development came as reports suggested the toll of the bombing, now standing at 52, could rise to 74.
One resident in Colwyn Road, whose house is within a sealed off area, told the YEP: "We don't know what's going on, but it is funny when you wake up and find your house has been cordoned off."
Leeds has been on a heightened state of alert since the bombings and since bomb squad officers carried out a controlled explosion at Leeds bus station on Sunday.
Meanwhile, detectives are scrutinising 2,500 tapes of CCTV footage in the hope of discovering vital clues which might identify the bombers as scores of families continue to await news of loved ones feared dead.
Tony Blair yesterday denounced the "murderous carnage of the innocent." The final death toll is expected to rise, with police believed to have assigned family liaison officers to 74 families.
Scotland Yard has launched its biggest ever manhunt, being led by the Met's anti-terrorist branch. More than 1,700 people have called the anti-terrorist hotline since the attack, some providing specific information .
Tony Blair's official spokesman said he and other ministers were being kept informed.
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Lord Ellpus
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 08:45 am
At this moment in time, she is absolutely knackered, and is looking forward to her summer holidays.
Funnily enough, this school is about the best behaved school that she has ever worked in.
Moslem parents are strong disciplinarians, and bad behaviour is not tolerated. If a child misbehaves badly enough at school to warrant a letter to the parents, then that child will be, at the very least, "grounded" for a long time at home, as it brings dishonour to the family.
Decent, upright, law abiding Moslem families (the very large rpoportion of Moslems in Britain) are very similar to the British families in the fifties.
There is none of this marching up to the school and arguing with teachers who dared to reprimand precious little Johnny, as British parents now seem only too willing to do. They will fully support the school (the teacher is a "learned adult", earning respect on two counts) and make sure that their son/daughter behaves themselves in future.
Just the THREAT of contacting parents is enough to concentrate a pupils mind, and bring them into line.
Presents are brought into the school at the end of term, as a "thank you" to the teachers for giving their children the gift of education, and on the whole, the parents fully participate and assist with the general school community.
Basically, the ordinary Moslems are wonderful people, who are trying their best to fit into Britain, and see their children grow up as good human beings.

It's just the recruiters, and those that spread evil teaching that worry me.
It has to be stopped...NOW. Bugger political correctness.
The whole Moslem community has also got to be brought "on board", in an effort to flush these b*stards out.
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Lord Ellpus
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 08:48 am
Just my 2 pence worth....I reckon that Luton, Birmingham and some inner city London areas will also figure highly in this investigation.
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Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 10:43 am
Arrest Made in London Bombings

LEEDS, England - Police said Tuesday they were investigating whether four attackers died in last week's London subway and bus bombings and have arrested one person after a series of raids in this northern city with a strong Muslim community.

At least three of the suspected bombers came from the West Yorkshire region, which includes Leeds, said Peter Clark, head of the Metropolitan Police anti-terrorist branch.

Closed-circuit TV video showed that all four had arrived at King's Cross station by 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, about 20 minutes before the blasts began, Clark said.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 10:53 am
As ii is reported: The police mood is said to be "buoyant" about the developments.
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Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 10:53 am
Latest from the BBC website:

One London bomber died in blast
Police believe at least one of the suspected London bombers died in Thursday's blasts.
They said there was forensic evidence that the bomber responsible for the train explosion at Aldgate died there.

Personal documents of three suspects were also found close to the explosions suggesting all four died in the blasts.

One man has been arrested in Yorkshire and taken to London for questioning after police raids in Leeds and the seizure of a car in Luton.

In a press conference police said they had identified four suspects who travelled to London on the morning of the attacks - three of them from West Yorkshire.

There was evidence of personal possessions or forensics suggesting all four may have died in the explosions.

One of the men from West Yorkshire had been reported missing by his family and his property was found at the bus blast scene.

The development came after a day of of dramatic developments in the hunt for those behind the bomb attacks in London.

Earlier police carried out controlled explosions in Leeds and Luton and searched six houses.

Meanwhile police in Leeds are looking for explosives and have already seized some material.

An unoccupied house in the Burley area of Leeds was one of six raided in Leeds after the attacks.

Up to 600 people have been evacuated from the area.

Police cleared people from homes as well as a mosque, a health centre and an old people's home.

His great sense of humour and personable nature put him centre stage with family and friends
Bomb victim Jamie Gordon's family statement

Parts of the Beeston area of Leeds has been cordoned off, as well as a street in Dewsbury near the city.

Inspector Miles Himsworth said the operation was being led by the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist officers with the support of West Yorkshire Police and the Army Bomb Disposal Unit.

He said officers were searching for explosives and other material at the house where a controlled explosion took place.

He said that may include computers, and a "careful and meticulous search" would be carried out.

Luton station closed

Anti-terrorism officers launched the first raids in the Leeds area on six houses at about 0630 BST.

One evacuated resident Nathan Clark, said people were "shocked" at what was happening.

"Everyone is amazed that it is happening on their doorstep," he told BBC News.

Meanwhile in Luton the railway station has been closed and a cordon placed around an area that also covers the bus station and parts of Luton University campus.

Police said a car they believe may be connected to the London bombs has been found in the car park.

Earlier the Met commissioner Sir Ian Blair confirmed the operation "is directly connected to the outrages on Thursday".

Sir Ian said London, as well as New York, continued to be "major terrorist targets".

He said: "Another attack is likely, there's no question about that. When, who knows."

The Yorkshire searches were carried out after warrants were issued under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Unfortunately we are going to have to surrender some of civil liberties
Matthew Freedman, London, UK

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said the police were acting on information from searches at the scenes of the crimes in London.

Five victims have been formally identified out of 52 people confirmed killed in last Thursday's explosions on three Underground trains and a bus.

Several families have received official confirmation of the deaths of loved ones.

Queen donates

The police released the names of two further victims on Tuesday - Philip Stuart Russell, 28, of Kennington, south London, and Jamie Gordon, 30.

Mr Gordon's family described him in a statement as a "kind, caring person who always put other people first".

Two other victims were formally identified on Tuesday, but their families asked for the names not to be released immediately.

On Monday, Susan Levy, 53, from Hertfordshire, was the first victim of the bombings to be officially identified by coroners.

Meanwhile in London, Prime Minister Tony Blair has signed the official book of condolences for victims at city hall.

The Queen has made a "substantial donation" to a fund set up to help the families of people killed and injured in the attacks, it has been announced.

Buckingham Palace did not reveal how much had been pledged to the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund set up on Friday by Mayor Ken Livingstone and the British Red Cross.

Source: BBC Website - One London bomber died in blast
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Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 11:07 am
Walter, A Worms Eye View gave a smart comparison of terrorism and invasion. Terrorism by any other name...

LordE, your wife sounds like a brilliant candidate for Prime Minister. If your being a lord makes her a lady, my sympathies are on their way. It would be incredibly boring to have to be a lady all the time. :wink:
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Lord Ellpus
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 11:18 am
All English women are ladies......until the lights go out.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 12:01 pm
Well, I once - that was in the wild 60's - had an intensive talk with The Most Honorable the Marquess of B.'s daughter, The Lady M..

She even wasn't a lady before we talked even more personally, when the lights were out :wink:
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cicerone imposter
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 12:22 pm
Walter, You, you, paramour. Wink
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Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 01:02 pm
Well done, Lady Ellpus.

Have you or her ladyship thought of making this kind of information available to the police?

I didn't realise ordinary British lads were being trained abroad.
Talk about a Trojan Horse.
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Lord Ellpus
Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2005 01:11 pm
McTag wrote:
Well done, Lady Ellpus.

Have you or her ladyship thought of making this kind of information available to the police?

McT, for obvious reasons, I wont go into detail regarding this part.
Suffice to say that she has made sure that all angles were covered.
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