All the ways Democrats have already cheated, rigged, and stolen this election

Reply Sat 1 Aug, 2020 11:36 pm
If your ideas can compete on a level playing field, do you have to resort to such unprecedented abuses of power?

The same scam-artist demagogues who robbed Trump of the popular vote by inventing the now-debunked Russia collusion hoax (how many votes did a year straight of the FBI and every Non-Fox Media outlet lying to voters about Trump being a foreign agent cost him?), who prolonged the Mueller witch hunt for a year after they already had proof that it was all a lie until after the 2018 election (to get Democrats in office for impeachment), and who got Obama re-elected by using the IRS to illegally sabotage conservative groups (Lois Lerner pleaded the 5th to avoid criminal prosecution for this felony...and Obama only won by tiny margins in a handful of battleground states)...has already racked up more election-rigging theft and cheating for 2020 than all the others combined.

The List:

-Getting Google to wait until approximately 90 days before the election to suddenly ban only conservative articles from being searchable, so that all the swing voters who determine every election will only be able to find Democrat-approved narratives. Also getting Facebook, Twitter, etc., to wait until right before the election to dramatically ramp up censorship of all dissent.

-Mail-in voting. 99.7% of COVID patients will survive and we have a proven cure, yet we must change to the one voting system that ALWAYS turns into a total train wreck of voter fraud. And voting booths are apparently somehow the only place where people can't be trusted to social distance and wear masks. Also, isn't it funny how all the "incidental" "anomalies" and "glitches" in this profoundly (intentionally) flawed voting system always seem to benefit Democrats?

-COVID scaremongering. Again, everyone will get this virus, it will kill not even one percent of them, and we already have a cure, but Democrats need to keep the economy crippled and people miserable, terrified, and falsely blaming President Trump for their own policy failures.

-Violently terrorizing everyone out of their rights. More than two months straight of anarchy, terrorism, and murder over a lie. Maximum hate, intimidation, and misery artificially manufactured for the election, along with continuous and deliberate de-stabilizing of Trump's record-breaking economy.

-The entire Non-Fox Media endlessly lying to smear, vilify, and scandalize President Trump and anyone who defends him while also lying to defend Democrat traitors and domestic terrorists who literally declared secession while murdering cops and lynching innocent people in city-after-city.

-Rigging polls by over-sampling Democrats to make the child-groping racist 40-year Washington crook with Alzheimer's look inevitable, just like they did with Hillary.

-The usual protections for not requiring IDs to vote, for maximum voter fraud.

-The usual facilitating of illegal voting by foreigners.

Sorest. Losers. In. History.
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@Dr Sliptinschit,
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