Who is the Antichrist

Reply Sun 26 Jul, 2020 07:54 am
Lots of great thoughts here. I’ll just add the words they bring to mind. (Colored text)

We are God's masterpiece...

Whether if God is mother earth or the sun or some black hole or a volcanic deep sea fissure which spewed out DNA and plasma particles, or an imageless spirit, who really knows?

But, "what if God was one of us"? Just a stranger on the bus... lol

We did not create ourselves and Jesus was not his own father and Jesus was not talking to himself on the mount of transfiguration. He did not get his mother pregnant so she could give birth to him.

But if you add a tiny bit of doubt, and you confuse things with abstract math and fractions where one part of the pie equals the whole thing well then, presto you have human divinity. Perhaps there is a holy trinity, but it is a big stretch from that to proclaiming one's self as the supreme God of all that is.

Humans creating themselves and no one above them (or below) to judge or guide them in morality is a recipe for disaster and a conscience killer.

On every level, from the biological to the spirit, I am in awe of his masterpiece work. To claim authorship of it would be the most vile plagiarism I can imagine.

The bible was not a very moral guide anyway though.

I think it is a mistake to think that it was intended to be one. Even the book tells you to look for that guide inside us.

But can we trust an infallible human without a quorum of democratic ideas and err, "science"...

Rome tried that and it ended disastrously for Julius Caesar.

Don’t know that it was a lack of democracy that brought Caesar down, but he certainly wasn’t following the image of his creator inside.
OTOH, I would be careful about putting my moral guidance up for a vote or scientific validation though. Ultimately, we are the masters of our fate and Captain of our souls. Not even God chose to take that away from us. There is no shame in asking advice on navigation however.

Humans need each other and the humility of knowing that out of one higher power greater than any of us came many blessed souls.

It sounds counterintuitive but the way I found the truth of that was in the revelation that He also needed us. I’ve been asked how I could be so proud and egotistical to think such a thing, but with one exception, it was about the most humbling thing I ever experienced.

The Antichrist is anti humanity, anti democracy and anti life. Life is the union of two not one.

Consider the dire warning of the first century church. No human is God...

We may have the divine in us but so does a cat or a cow.

The divine is to be found even in a single cell if we look deeply enough to see his signature in it.

We may drink from the fountain of living waters but the fountain itself is something much bigger than our own finite existence.

Just as the sun, moon, earth and universe will long outlive our brief existence.

Perhaps with every ending there is also a new beginning but that remains to be seen. Life is a circle and a cipher and and riddles and parables, the occult and astrology and suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of chaos and in slavery to those who seek only their own glory and power.

It is a slippery slope from humanity to divinity... There will always be those gullible enough to believe it.

The mother of God, God the Son and God in you...

2 Corinthians 5:19
To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself...

Comment: How was God in Christ?

God was in Christ in will and purpose, not in person.

(not my will but thine be done)

But if you believe the latter, then God can be in anyone and anyone can be God.

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Reply Sun 26 Jul, 2020 08:01 am
But I do appreciate the rehash of arguments that have been made over many many years. I always loved those stories.

The story is what makes it fascinating. I never tire of digesting them.
Reply Sun 26 Jul, 2020 01:56 pm
I can tell.
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mark noble
Reply Wed 29 Jul, 2020 06:58 am
With me.

I'm done searching, Lead.

And I'm 'done' teaching/preaching and directing any and All unto opening (unlocking) the doors/gateways into self-ascertainment. (Potential mis-spelling).

I'll offer this, Though. David Gilmour IS (Unknowingly) A 'Source-Conduit'.

I'd, typically, wish you a 'lovely' day.
But - You deserve 'more'.
Keep pushing.
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mark noble
Reply Wed 29 Jul, 2020 07:07 am
Ok - 'Who is The 'Antichrist'?



There is NO 'Christ' - Therefore there is NO 'Antichrist.

Have a lovely Day
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mark noble
Reply Wed 29 Jul, 2020 07:10 am
'Anyone' can be God?

'Everyone' is God.

Have a Godly passtime, understanding.... stuff.
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