Networking advice for JGoldman: Twitter, Instagram, etc...

Reply Thu 11 Jun, 2020 11:27 am
JGoldman: Do you follow any animation experts; industry blogs; minority artists; etc... on social media? Making this a separate thread as you have so many other animation threads on various different topics that it would be deleterious/somewhat ineffective to digress on those discussions and this one would remain focus on this necessity of career building.

You claim that all you have is a smartphone to work on. That's all you need to help build upon your networking outside a2k, reddit, Metacafe, and Dailymotion. Those seem like dead ends in regards to having helpful advice to positively push you in your attempt to birth a career in animation and voice acting.

Whether you choose to accept this advice and direction, that's up to you. You seem to get stuck on spiraling through asking the same questions time and time and time again. And not actually following through (anecdotally speaking of course).

You keep asking about trends in animation but basically relying on decades-old information which will be a great failing point as you clearly DO NOT have a time machine and will have a difficult time breaking into the current animation scene AND WORSE the constantly evolving industry if you keep kicking the proverbial can down the road with excuses and constant procrastination.

You're going to have to keep an inclusive mindset and an open mind. Or your potential audience will be nano-niche and will be nearly impossible to make a proper living. Being an artist is already one of the most challenging career choices. And your strict religious dogma will only handcuff you; blindfold you; it will likely kill your career before it even starts.

I'll update this (and hopefully others as well).

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Reply Thu 11 Jun, 2020 01:35 pm
Have you tried contacting Mr.Goldman through a PM?

Or maybe just plop the info into 1 or 2 of his threads?

You see, Mr.Goldman tends not to go out of his threads very much and without some arrows pointing here, he may miss all your advice.

Now, I must ask (really, I must, simply must), can you handle the guilt trip which shall be visited on you if you don't place some guidance arrows elsewhere?

...then again, maybe you did.
Reply Thu 11 Jun, 2020 09:14 pm
Or maybe just plop the info into 1 or 2 of his threads?

I was going to do this as well. Lost track of time. Thanks for the redirection.
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Reply Thu 2 Jul, 2020 01:45 am
Not sure why you are qualifying race and/or ethnicity. That's not that important but thank you.
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Reply Thu 2 Jul, 2020 06:08 am
Let no good deed go unpunished.
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