Double-Jeopardy and harassment

Reply Thu 23 Apr, 2020 08:19 am
I love seeing Neptune and Lava go at it!

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Reply Fri 20 May, 2022 03:33 pm
Donald Trump is a moron. He was elected because nobody wanted Hillary
Like Kim Jong-il his brother passed away... Like why the good one right folk?
It is clear he has many businesses where prostitution could take place.
Both him and Clintons clearly associated with people who are pre-teens.

This whole Conservative v. Liberal, v. Republican, v. Democratic has become nothing but a bunch of morons who think they will save money by not paying bills to bigger morons who think choosing one has anything to do with religion. To the bigger morons who believes in illegal de-migration and not accepting POW laws is okay, to the bigger morons who clearly are just racist nutjobs for no reasons.

The only I want to praise is god.
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