How many planets did Darkseid destroy, and how?

Reply Wed 12 Feb, 2020 12:21 pm
I don't think DC has a concrete record of how many planets Darkseid destroyed, especially as DC has relaunched its multiverse several times. The current iteration of the Multiverse is at least 9 years old and I do not recall Darkseid destroying a planet in those 9 years. He almost destroyed Earth during the Darkseid War story arc.

I think the 784 number was just randomly picked by one of the comic writers in a story.
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Reply Mon 12 Jul, 2021 12:56 pm
Darkseid is one of my favorite DC villains. https://www.strangearts.ru/sites/default/files/resize/u4/560089-darkseid_by_7th_seal-200x299.jpgI have never met his dossier anywhere. I've done a lot of quizzes on DC comics and various heroes on Edit [Moderator]: Link removed but I don't remember him destroying planets, he's not completely invulnerable. Darkseid https://www.strangearts.ru/sites/default/files/resize/u1528/dk13-186x281.jpg doesn't quite possess divine invulnerability. It is immune to most energy attacks as well as most physical ones. However, he can be defeated by creatures with colossal strength and energy.
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