What are some of the worst superhero movies ever made?

Reply Fri 19 Mar, 2021 09:52 pm
I enjoyed Black Panther.....I know it was a fantasy superhero movie, but all of the superhero movies are fantasies. I never read the super hero comic books, but I have enjoyed all of the Superman, Spiderman, Batman flicks............but Mr. G'bag and I watched all of them either in the theater or at home.... we enjoyed the Black Panther. I bet the kids loved it.
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Reply Sat 20 Mar, 2021 04:05 am
Green Lantern (2011)
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Real Music
Reply Sun 21 Mar, 2021 08:58 pm
Let me understand you here..
Since you ask which ones are the worst, can I take that to mean you don’t think they’re all bad?

Yes, I do like some of them.
Reply Mon 22 Mar, 2021 02:44 am
@Real Music,
Thanks for answering, RM. I ask because an unfortunate recent trend is folks scoffing at and ridiculing the whole superhero phenomenon - especially the hugely popular and lucrative movies. Bill Maher even went directly (and gratuitously cruelly)at Stan Lee’s legacy, even saying that comic book heroes are for stunted adults who can’t give up kid stuff.

I understand that your thread wasn’t intended to do that.

I thought the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie was crap. I am not fond at all of anything about the popular Deadpool movies. I don’t like DC superhero movies in general. Cat Woman was infamously bad. Green Lantern stunk up the place.

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Reply Tue 23 Mar, 2021 05:14 am
I’ve started to see another programme on Netflix called “Misfits.”

It centres around a group of young offenders who are caught in a hailstorm which in the same manner as The Fantastic Four gives them powers/differences.

It’s not a superhero programme in the strict sense of the word, not all the differences are advantageous. One of the characters is compelled to strip naked and act like an over friendly dog running around the town only to wake up naked like in American Werewolf in London. One of the girls develops the “power” of being irresistible to men whenever they touch her. Irresistible meaning they try to shag/rape her the minute she touches them.

Other powers, mind reading and invisibility are fairly typical and one character still doesn’t know what his power is.
Reply Tue 23 Mar, 2021 05:22 am
we really must be running out of ideas. We just got rid of zombies , now we got a batch of "Kickass style" movies.

Reply Tue 23 Mar, 2021 05:31 am
Now that you mention it, the creator of Kick-Ass is producing a new Netflix series based on his comic Jupiter's Legacy. I haven't read it but it seems more traditional superheroes than the DYI, grounded masked heroes like in Kick-Ass.

The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must live up to their legacy. Streaming only on Netflix May 7th, 2021.
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Reply Tue 23 Mar, 2021 05:33 am
This is very tongue in cheek with lots of comic moments. One character has sex with a girl he has just met, she laughs at his come face and he is embarrassed about coming too quickly.

When they have sex a second time she does come, but she’s not a girl, she’s an 82 year old woman who was also caught in the shower which made her young. It doesn’t last very long, basically she turns back at the point of orgasm, only to be told that she had a lot of gall for attacking his come face.

He is not happy especially when the mind reader lets everyone know he’s a granny shagger.
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