Reply Fri 1 Nov, 2002 12:01 am
Bob Sisak and other wine conossieurs are talking on abuzz right now about how hard it is to find the wine category there and how depleted the wine threads are since abuzz was reorganized to have food and wine under Home - and it seems to be about the same here...but this a group of smart people that might come over here, given the general pleasant and intelligent running of the site. Has there been a decision here against food and wine as being interesting, and is there a way to make Food and Wine a more obvious category...??? I would refer these folk here, except they could be hard pressed to find Wine as a subject here either....

osso (who likes her rum)..
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Reply Fri 1 Nov, 2002 09:04 am
Isn't wine a type of drink? I don't want to get pedantic but when we set up the categories we tried to make them as inclusive as possible, because it's rather difficult to create new categories (not impossible, but that's a low priority as other things are done). So drink includes wine, of course, but also whiskey and beer and martinis and the like - which aren't covered on Abuzz.

Oh, and we would definitely like to see the Wine group here. But I would rather not see the site advertised on Abuzz, as Abuzz (rightfully so) doesn't like that. Also, we're still in beta (I know the site looks really slick, but there's still a lot to do). Can you give us, say a week or two to get the kinks out? We want to look as good as possible when people start to (hopefully) flood in.

Will that work for you?
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Reply Fri 1 Nov, 2002 10:29 am
Down the road, it might be nice to see Food and Drink as a category unto itself, with its own subcategories. I agree with jespah, if people don't know that "drink" encompasses all forms of beverage, then Razz , but perhaps a separate Food and Drink category could have subcategories for wine and spirits, recipes, food news or commentary, culinary queries...etc. I know the site is still in beta, but perhaps something to think about. One thing about the food and drink sections on Abuzz, the wine category is a bit tricky to find, and should be linked with food in some way. Also, the posts have thinned, and more often than not are not terribly interesting, in terms of getting a thread happening. Making it its own category here might help draw more interest. Very Happy
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Reply Sat 2 Nov, 2002 10:27 pm
Hi ossobuco, jespah and cavfanciar,

I think that wine fits into this category nicely. It may actually help to encourage more posting, as the topic will be viewed by all who enter the food category, plus the people looking for wine topics will come here anyway.
There is so much information on the subject, and so many people are interested, that I'm sure this will become a very popular topic. I would like to see us try to direct the subject in a way that allows wine novices to feel comfortable posting thoughts and asking questions. It's a very subjective topic, people have very different tastes,...there are almost no wrong answers, yet I have seen people not be so kind to others who don't share the same knowledge level, or even the same tastes.
This is why I will try to keep all of my posts on a very basic, user-friendly level,..and hopefully encourage others to do the same.
It's a fun subject, linked to celebrations and good times, I think we should work together to try to keep it that way!
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Reply Sun 17 Nov, 2002 11:35 pm
I must have been crabby when I posted that. I think I had seen a comment on abuzz about how hard the wine category was to find, and then on coming here, was having my usual dazed navigation path. I am more interested in food was really a navigation comment.

On level of expertise in the posts, I am a total amateur in cooking, my virtue is more along the lines of "is enthusiastic"... but I love the expertise of people like cavfancier, kitchenpete, Vincent, Chun Chun...these people are not pedantic. But I do agree pedantry is not friendly and that is something one runs into in real life when wine comes up as a topic. Picture me, who has no sense of smell, at a wine tasting. I refuse to sniff, as it is a comedic act for me. A table full of glass sniffers and me, just holding it in wait for the general dip into tasting. Frowns, I get frowns.
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Reply Sun 17 Nov, 2002 11:38 pm
To continue, Drink certainly is a clear enough word. I agree it is good to have it close to the word Food.

Sorry for the consternation I caused, Jespah.
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