Was I wrong ?

Reply Fri 9 Aug, 2019 09:55 pm
So for starters my s/o’s sister has always been nice to my daughter and tried to be nice w/ me even though I guess she doesn’t like me. We work at the same place, she’s the office manager. I came into work and asked my coworker if she was in a meeting with our boss, because I heard talking from my bosses office and she said no I’m pretty sure she’s on break you should be okay. And I said okay cool but she seems busy. Not a minute later I get a call from my s/o’s sister calls my extension saying “if it’s your schedule ___ told me to put it like that” and as I repeatedly told her I was fine with my schedule she kept saying he’s the reason it’s like that. I get a text from him asking why I wanted to speak to my boss about my schedule , and I told him I didn’t. Because I did not. And it seemed like she had texted him so I text her and let know that it was the schedule I wanted from the beginning and I had even asked her to see our boss would let it be that way. So after texting her that I’m getting text from my s/o saying I’m a liar and his sister showed him a text that said I wanted to speak to the boss about the schedule. This isn’t the first time she’s caused problems between us. I’m always very respectful and tell her I appreciate her when she does help me out. But at this point I’m really tired of her twisting things around. I texted her “Yo. Why did _____ text me telling me I went to our boss about my schedule... when it had nothing to do with that. Saying you showed him my text? But yet I never said anything to you or our boss about it? And her response is “First of all calm down cause you got caught in your lie you were going to tell our boss about the schedule if you don’t like it you could easily leave the job and don’t come back.” So at this point I am livid I reply “I got caught in a lie ?Not once did I say or imply I was going to speak to Zoia about my schedule .I called ___ and asked if you were in a meeting with her because I had to talk to her” to which she reply’s “Bro seriously don’t talk to me right now. You’re really irritating me.Just leave it at that.” And I reply “No it’s not that simple Because that never said that.” And she says “Cause I’m going to tell you things that you not going to like” so of course I say “go ahead because that never happened, you assumed that” and she reply’s “You being mad ballsy right now over text cause every time I say something to you in front of your face you never have anything to say“ now mind you I respect my s/o and that is his family so I never say anything to her, I ignore her as he wishes because she’s naturally bitchy and even when she’s wrong she can’t be wrong. I reply “so come speak to me in person. You never come to me you always go to ___ always. Not once have you confronted me face to face. I’m texting because we’re at work and this doesn’t concern everyone in the office. But if you want to wait until I get home we can talk in person. Idc.You automatically assumed I wanted to speak about my schedule because I asked ___ if you were in a meeting with our boss. When I had to ask about 2’mm and some (stuff with my dept. ) and our boss said when it comes to (what I do in my dept.) to leave you out of it.” And she never responded but ofc it caused problems with my s/o because we all live together and he doesn’t want things to be awkward. But I’m receiving all the blame because in the past we’ve argued at home. Im not sorry for finally standing up for myself but he said I was out of line for texting her Like that. Am I wrong ?
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Reply Sat 10 Aug, 2019 01:36 am
Yes, you were wrong to text her. But not about anything else.

Move out, quit your job and find people in your life that will have your back. A s/o that calls you a liar isn't a relationship I'd want to be in. Working with a vindictive person is hard enough but living with then as well has got to be excruciating.

None of this is working out to anyone's benefit. Admit that and move on.
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Reply Sat 10 Aug, 2019 03:40 pm
Yes. Change jobs asap.

And your BF should have backed you up. Note his response for the future.
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