Quran and age of Universe

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@mark noble,
You, being the best version of 'you' imaginable - Is still you (Ego) leading the way, Not God.

Islam is a different philosophy than yours. In Islam, Allah is our creator and He knows what's best for us. He has given us the guidance in the form of Quran. He also sent prophets including prophet Muhammad PBUH as example for us to follow. Muslims have hadiths which tell us what Prophet Muhammad PBUH said and did in his life. So combining Quran and Hadith, I try my best to implement the teachings of Quran and hadith in my life. Religious acts of worship such as praying five times a day, fasting and giving in charity helps to implement the theology in its practical form. I can't imagine missing a single prayer. The spiritual benefits of praying are very hard to describe, its a personal experience and I strongly encourage you to go to a mosque and try it at your own.

We can never be like prophets as they were chosen people and protected by Allah. I have also noticed based on your previous posts that you believe God is everywhere and in everything. This belief (in my opinion) is totally false and in contradiction to what Almighty Allah himself said in Qur'an.

Neither is Allah everywhere nor He is in everything. Rather, when expressions in Quranic texts suggest such a thing it is understood (given the context of those passages) to refer to God’s Knowledge and/or His Power, both of which apply to all places.

With what we have experienced so far in modern day technology, it has become relatively easy for the human mind to grasp the concepts of remote monitoring and control, though it is very primitive compared to the might, power, and will of our Lord and Creator, Allah.

If  you say Allah is everywhere or in every place it implies that place should also be present since the presence of Allah. Allah is from  infinity, so with that belief the place or throne or heaven or sky or  above or below or whatever you think should also be present from  infinity which defies the fundamental belief that only Allah is from  infinity to infinity. It is not possible that Allah was there before creating heaven or sky or throne and that after creating the created, went and placed Himself on/in the creation.

Allah is  the one who created time and space. He is constant and there cannot be  any delta increment or decrement in His being or His knowledge. To say  that Allah is present in some finite space is too absurd. So Muslims just  believe that Allah is free (paak) from time, space & directions and He knows everything.

Another logical explanation is that our  minds are created by Allah and are finite so it is impossible to comprehend infinite with our finite minds. It is not advisable to think too much on how the Creator looks, instead the believers should more focus on His creation and keep their belief firm. If not, chances of Satan  misguiding them and going astray will be high.
mark noble
Reply Tue 16 Jul, 2019 08:39 am
So you may only interpret reality from a prescribed perspective - A perspective that varies in interpretation.

You choose the interpretation that serves you best

I need not pray, Habib - My meditative process is all encompassing.

I still think Muhammad was one with Source/Allah/God (In connection with) - As with All belief-systems, though - I believe 'mans'' (not prophets') interpretations are out-of-sync with Gods' transmissions.

That 'babel' event was a clever move.

Peace be upon and within All

Reply Tue 16 Jul, 2019 09:06 am
@mark noble,
My source of information is Quran and Hadith, I am not making this up. All Muslim scholars agree on the acts of worship which Muslims practice in their daily lives. The fact that you do meditate shows that human beings do need to worship and this need is built within every human being. The question one should ask is how do you know your meditation is the right way to connect to God? What is the source of your information? Is your source authentic?

In the end, we can agree to disagree respectfully since our sources of information and Divine guidance seem to be different.
mark noble
Reply Tue 16 Jul, 2019 12:25 pm
I meditate by switching the material off - There is No worship involved - I value ALL things equally - For God is ALL. Not this or that belief - All beliefs.

Thankyou for all your correspondence, Habib.
Hold your lamp High, Sir - It's light is a worthy beacon, indeed.

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