Should I call again or no?

Reply Sun 19 May, 2019 01:10 am
Hello guys,
I have a strange situation going on and even though I know what I should do deep inside, I would like to ask for advice Smile There's this guy that I know for years, for a long time we've been in the same company- almost 10 years now( we're both 23) and since we started growing up there's always been this tension between us, but nothing ever happened- I used to date one of his best friends for 2 years, then I had another boyfriend, but I always sensed that between us there is something more, I even liked him when we were teenagers but like I said- nothing. This November I was single for a first time in years and we started talking more, he invited me to sleep for few days in his house for NY's( because we were having party there and I had nowhere to stay in this town) and I expected smth to happen, but again- nothing, just flirting, and this thing has been going on and off ever since then. 2 weeks ago, at a friend's prom, we hooked up- we were both very drunk, but I know it wasn't just because of the alcohol. We had really passionate great night, but the next day when I texted him about plain, everyday thing- he responded only to that with one word, then I made a flirty comment regarding our night( about a mark he left on my body) and nothing, just seen. Also he didn't join the company when we were going out together the next day. I was wondering if he is ashamed and doesnt want to go out with our circle so the people dont make comments and so on but feel like we should talk about it, because we are grown ups. Then 2 days later, I jokingly asked if he is still alive, he saw the message after another two days,but didn't respond so I decided to call him and again- he didn't respond and return my call. At the same time he sees all my instagram stories- I post almost every day. It's a strange situation because it was never like this with him, I cannot figure out the reason why he chooses to ignore me instead of confronting the situation. It's been 2 weeks now and I started getting my life back to usual, I try not to think about this too much,but at the same time wonder if I should send another message asking for explanation- because regardless of what happened, I want us to be friends and not leave it like that, and I cannot possibly think of a logical reason why we shouldnt talk.
What do you think?
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Reply Sun 19 May, 2019 01:35 am
Maybe you should wait a few weeks.....for what ever reason he is not responding, it doesn't sound promising.
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Reply Sun 19 May, 2019 06:38 am
A guy who shared a “great passionate night” is going to want to repeat that again, as soon as possible. The facts that he’s gone silent could mean:

1.,He didn’t really think all of that was so great

2. He doesn’t want to get involved with someone from work

3. He has another GF and regrets your one night together

4. He has lots of great sex with lots of girls and doesn’t want to get involved with just one.

5. The whole thing scared him to death and he can’t face you because he’s overwhelmed and went silent to deal with you. He’s just 23 after all.

6. He knows your exes and he doesn’t want the drama of all that.

7. He hates texting and other social media

Just some possibilities - but he does owe you the courtesy of a contact , to either end it or make it happen. Otherwise, consider it a one night stand and move on.
That seems to be his mindset.
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