Can Allegra help raw nostrils? Claritin was useless.

Reply Mon 7 Jan, 2019 06:55 pm
Can Allegra help raw nostrils? Claritin was useless.

I don't get "flu" per se, but rather flu "simulations" brought on by extreme foods (and computer irritants). For example, my current cold, which has been lagging, was due to fresh honey-mustard eaten with tortilla chips, followed by computer use. The honey-mustard was HOT.

I now have an irritated (raw) nostril, and btw, Claritin was useless for my runny itchy nose, tearing eyes, and raw throat. Mostly "time" helped, but also bedrest, mild foods and lysine foods. Such as soda-crackers/honey, eggs, tea & honey, yogurts etc. But NOT lemon NOR salt - those are no good for me. In fact a certain brand of honey-lemon green-tea proved irritating to me in the past.

So my Q is: Does Allegra help irritated nostrils?
(After all, many decades of blowing my nose due to the extreme foods spawned by society, greatly contributed to my current sorry state, not to mention inhalation of extreme chemicals & perfumes that are cranked out as well.
Reply Mon 7 Jan, 2019 07:02 pm
Allergy medication is not meant to treat reactions to food.

Colds are not caused by hot foods or computer use.

Ask your gp for a referral to an ENT for assessment and appropriate tx.
Reply Mon 7 Jan, 2019 10:17 pm
i'd been considering putting COLD in quotation marks like this:
...but i'd already used too many quotes surrounding "flu" & so forth.

and to be perfectly clear - i do get reactions to hot / citrusy / pungent / spicy / high-arginine / high-salt / MSG / etc. foods.
the reactions take the form of "flu simulation" which you can just as well label as "cold simulation"

The bottom line is, that i'm still left with my question as to whether Allegra can help with irritated nostril caused by using tissues due to constant itchy runny nose. The irritation caused by nose-blowing via tissues creates a vicious cycle, since the irritation causes the itchy sensation to go up my nose causing sneezing, eye-watering, etc.

btw, I suspect that i require a Functional MRI, since it's that which can test for leaky-flap in the brain, which i strongly suspect is my issue. After all i suffer severe varicose veins which is associated with leaky valves. I also have leaky gut syndrome, and something else which i won't expand upon here.
...Furthermore, i somewhat have electrosensitivity, which can also be proven via Functional MRI, from what i've gathered online.
...My only problem is, that my neurologist is difficult to deal with, so go get him to prescribe a Functional MRI. Doctors are often the obstacles to getting help rather than vice versa.
Reply Mon 7 Jan, 2019 10:49 pm
Keep your finger out of there and it won't be raw.
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Reply Tue 8 Jan, 2019 07:24 am
Use tissues with lotion and use hypoallergenic/gentle/no fragrance lotion on the insides of your nostrils. Don't dig hard or anything, just put some on a tissue and wipe gently.

Aveeno makes all sorts of fragrance-free stuff.

Allergy meds won't cure an irritation.
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Reply Tue 8 Jan, 2019 07:48 am
You don’t have the “flu” or even a “cold”

You got a reaction to spicy food - which you claim you already know you don’t handle well.

The body will send fluid to an injury. There probably was much irritation to your mouth, throat, and nose, since they are all connected and all share similar tissue. Thus, watery eyes, and watery, irritated nose and possibly throat.

This has nothing to do with your brain or needing an MRI.

Time will heal all. Get a box of Puffs. Let your body heal itself.
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Pamela Rosa
Reply Tue 8 Jan, 2019 12:25 pm
Allergic Rhinitis


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Reply Thu 10 Jan, 2019 05:41 am
Your nose is running, your throat is scratchy and you can’t stop sneezing. You’ve probably got a cold, right? Maybe not. Though fall is typically when outbreaks of the cold virus occur in Canada, it’s also the season for hay fever, known as seasonal allergic rhinitis
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