Tinnitus-buzzing sound in the ear

Tue 4 Aug, 2015 09:16 pm
Hello Dr. ..1 year back i got fever and the 2nd day my ear got infected with waxing pouring out of my ear in a fulid form.consulted a Dr. They told my ear drum is ruptured.the wax flow stopped as soon as it was cleaned and some ear drops was given for 3 days....2nd day in this treatment i started to hear the buzzing sound.when asked dr. ,dr told we will treat it...but nothing was done...the sound didnt recude....consulted the other dr. He told my earing is good and the ear drum was not ruptured and he told the first consultation was worngly diagnosied....the new dr.gave me few medication and promised i ll be fine but no results... it is been a year... no solution for my problem...can any one please help me

Thank you
Tue 4 Aug, 2015 09:29 pm
I've had tinnitus for thirty years, and it was sudden. I think it was after I was hit in the head with a basketball across a court, but anyone who knows anything about tinnitus says no, no way. Probably a coincidence. Anyway, there are possible fixes described in recent research, unlikely for me since I'm older.

Are you under the care of an ENT specialist? If not, please try to be seen by one of those, possibly at a university type hospital, privately or in a clinic.

In my case, and I presume others, the audiologists who tested me could hear the sound in my ears, or so they said. Please go to a place with experts.
Tue 4 Aug, 2015 11:20 pm
Dont want to discourage you but I have had tinnitus for 60 years. I have complained about it to every Dr. I have seen over the years and no one has been able to stop it. A couple of Dr's have told me that asprin will make it worse. Good luck. By the way, I use it to keep track of my pulse count.
Wed 5 Aug, 2015 08:22 am
I didn't post that I was trying to get rid of the tinnitus. I was saying that I have read that there are improvements possible for it.

I've read about some other kind of brain intervention but both don't remember what it was and didn't save a link.
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Tue 29 Dec, 2015 11:50 am
Strange noises certainly sound like Tinnitus. Information picked up by the ear is proccssed mysteriously in an area of the Brain and that is where the noises originate. It is not understood and there is not a cure.
It is a Personal problem. There are certain things you can try to alleviate the nuisance Like having a low noise source always close to the ear(s).
Please note that I am not a Doctor but have learned and sufferred much in a long lifetime.
Ken Green
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Thu 23 Jun, 2016 04:20 am
If anyone ask me, “Can tinnitus just go away?”

My answer is Yes, tinnitus can go away on its own, we mentioned short term and long term tinnitus. However even long term (supposedly permanent) tinnitus can go away. The most effective and sure-fire way to eradicate your troubling tinnitus is to learn the techniques to “listen beyond tinnitus” eventually overriding the stimuli and bypassing the condition.
Tue 5 Jul, 2016 04:41 pm
I have had ear ringing (tinnitus) for at least 15 years, and for the last five years also have pulsatile tinnitus, where I hear my heartbeat in my ears. That kind is driving me crazy. It gets louder when I wake from sleep, or after eating, or when exercising, and is quieter when I'm sitting or resting. There is some kind of a blood vessel problem, but my doctors haven't found out the cause yet. Have had an MRI of my head (okay), a treadmill stress test to see if my blood pressure goes up a lot (it doesn't), and an ultrasound of my carotid arteries (normal). I still have several tests to go. Hope it's something I can live with. I've been told that most people who hear their heartbeat in their ears can live with it. Some never find the cause. Be glad if you just have the ringing kind of tinnitus,. It's easier to deal with.
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Thu 20 Oct, 2016 05:27 pm
I am not a doctor. You wrote Hello Dr. I don't know if you wanted this post to be answered by doctors or not, but I am not a doctor.
Is it possible that the doctor ruptured your eardrum while cleaning? Approximately 3 days after injury the ringing will start if it's going to happen.
Most doctors don't care about patients at all. Some people believe that large supplements of bioflavonoids can help but I would not count on it even though it would not hurt you and might be good for overall health. They have devices which you can put in your ear that will mimick the tinnitus and trick your brain into not hearing or diminishing the sound, but I think it's expensive. I've had very bad experiences with doctors and I trust no one. An antihistamine might also help, especially if you have any allergies or sinus problems. These can aggravate tinnitus. Just out of curiosity, when you run tap water can you still hear the ringing?
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