Inguinal Lymph Node Swollen for 3 months - several tests - no results

Reply Tue 2 Feb, 2016 12:23 pm
For the last 3 months I have had an inguinal lymph node on my left side. I have had SEVERAL tests done. All have been negative or inconclusive for an inguinal lymph node. The only thing we know for sure is that at one point it was 1.9cm, as found in an ultrasound. The Radiologist said it was large, but the shape of it did not call for a biopsy. Here are the tests I've had done:

STD - swab test, urine test (both for chlamydia/gonnorhea), and blood test for herpes/AID
Cystoscopy - performed by a urologist
CT scan (abdomen, pelvic with contrast)
Ultrasound on scrotum and left groin area (where they found the swollen node)
several CBC's - all numbers are in normal range
smooth muscle AB
Celica test
Iron, tibc, ferritin
IFA - normal
hepatic function panel
3 urinalysis - and 3 urine cultures

I am willing to ANYTHING - I just want this lymph node to go away so I can workout again. I am also a teacher and coach, and just simply raising my voice hurts and makes it throb. Currently I am taking coconut oil - 3 tablespoons a day for its natural antibiotic properties. I'm also taking berberine because that is supposed to help.

I have taken doxycycline for 3 weeks - no change
cefdo for 2 weeks - no change
azithromyacin - super dose one time - because they initially though it was an STD causing it, which was later proved wrong.

I am getting an endoscopic ultrasound this Friday - maybe that will shed some more light. THanks!
Reply Tue 2 Feb, 2016 12:29 pm
I don't want to alarm you, but have you been tested for Hodgkin's Lymphoma? I know someone with what I believe was a similar issue, and that was the diagnosis.

Also, FYI, if it turns out to be Hodgkin's, there are a LOT of treatments for it. I do hope I'm wrong. I wish you better health.
Reply Tue 2 Feb, 2016 01:06 pm
Well that's why you would get a biopsy is my understanding. And the radiologist found no reason for that. The shape was not alarming enough although the size was. Urologist, primary dr, and gastro all said no reason for biopsy. "It will go away" which its been 3 months and it's still swollen.
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