Is it possible to 'hate' a person that loves?

Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2018 07:47 pm
Do you think it is possible to 'hate' a person who loves?

Would the person who 'loves' end up losing his/her family due to their lack of assistance(s)?

Is a person who 'loves' incapable of having 'hate'?

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Reply Thu 18 Oct, 2018 10:32 am
October 18, 2018
Dear daverod,
I like your question and registered with able2know just so I could respond to you. (Numbering your questions would help one to answer by their numbers.)
Regarding your first question, "Do you think it is possible to 'hate' a person who loves?", I say
Yes, but for the sake of an unequivocal or 'classic' case the hated person has to be someone who truly loves others in the highest sense -- i.e. sees the inner or spiritual beauty that all of us have, including the 'bad' -- and one or more of these 'haters' that they (the 'Lover') have a higher love for hates the Lover for their Love. I capitalized this kind of Higher (spiritual) Lover to distinguish it from the ordinary sense of 'lover'.
The term 'hate' I feel should be qualified to a type of hatred that is more pertinent to and commonly found in a person's hatred of a Lover -- 'jealous hatred', or simply jealousy, a.k.a. the deadly sin of envy. In this now specifically classical case, the jealousy of a weak or 'evil' person for a Lover (or even just an ordinary person happy in a sweet love relationship) can potentially lead to unspeakable consequences. The jealous one is the greatest victim of their own weakness, and must be forgiven by those who can be abused -- for the peace of mind of the abused -- however, Nature does not forgive any sin. Where jealousy is combined with any kind of cruelty or malice, the sinner damns themself and suffers spiritual death. They thus become one of 'the dead' -- I mean someone who is still breathing, but dead in the worst way, in the sense of lovelessness and its tragic consequences. The signs of their weakness show early, long before the sin that they damn themself with; they are jealous of the smallest things others have, and are never content with what they do have.
Dear man, if you have felt hated for your love, take care, because the (spiritually) dead can never be trusted; their love is dead, love being a spiritual thing.
I just today experienced what I know is the jealous hatred of one of the dead in charge of an online forum. If one shows actual love for someone who needs some encouragement with a problem they are facing -- and the Love Force is essential to inspiring others -- the dead spot it quickly and stop even one way communication out of jealousy for the love they cannot have. The dead are great victims of the world's bad karma, and must be understood and forgiven. They can't help it, and when they were little, they never asked, 'Mummy, can I be one of the dead when I grow up?'.
My answers to your second and third questions are yes and no respectively, and I'm feeling concerned about you, as these don't seem like general questions. If you are a 'good' person 'up against it', all I can say is be thankful for your blessings, and if the problem is in your family, you should get away and never look back. The dead and the living are always a no win situation together, to put it mildly.
Love, Luxin
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