I am in big trouble now, pls help !!

Reply Fri 27 Apr, 2018 08:10 am
I work for US firm for 5 yrs, I do a great job and build a series of items,
last yr organization change and I have a new boss,
My previous boss told me that I am great and have alot great input to company ( A grade )
last yr organization change and I have a new boss,
( feel like my A grade drop to F, fail ......)
he do not like me, ( because I am older than him ? I am 45...)
he push me alot and ask me work on something which I am not specialize
I do not like it and I feel shame all the time.
What can I do, he is my boss.
I feel so bad daily but I cannot quit my job.
If I quit my job then I will have big risk to support my family.
I have few options,
Work on my own business ? I afraid I will burn all my money in few months,
Alot of my friends work on their own business, no one have big win.
quit and get a very low cost salary job, ( no, it cannot support my rent, payment, credit cards..)
quit and get a higher pay/ same salary ( no, my company business are run my only few big brands,
if I leave my company , the chance that my competitor will hire me is low,
because I know this business and there are only few company I can interview )
Keep working and listen to what my Boss order me.........
doing now everyday, after I finish the task, he always tell me that
I am not working it so well/lesson learn......
I am male and I cry afterwork..........so sad

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Reply Fri 27 Apr, 2018 08:49 am
Tell your boss that you need additional training to do what he wants you to do.
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cicerone imposter
Reply Fri 27 Apr, 2018 04:37 pm
Whatever you do, do not quit your job. If you quit, you cannot collect unemployment insurance. That's the only safeguard you have if you are fired. Tough it out if you can. Your health is most important. Look for another job while you have that job. Get help to write up a resume for prospective employers. Do not complain about your current employer. At 45, it's going to be tough going, because employers like to hire college grads at starting wages, but if you have special skills, put it on your resume. Provide the evidence of your accomplishments from your previous boss, and why you need a change of company. When ever you approach a company for a job interview, study the company's history so you have some background on what they produce/provide (products and/or services). Also, Jespah's suggestion is very good. Good luck.
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Reply Fri 1 Jun, 2018 06:47 pm
Please please please don't go self employed. You'll lose money and hair.

Avoid work-from-home scams too. They work by you giving them money, that's all it is.

What l would do is, catalogue all your issues, and how it wasn't like that before the new boss, and then put it in a nice, formal letter to your company asking them if they would like you to stay, and if so, could they provide further training.

In the formal letter though, unlike the private catalogue of gripes that you wrote beforehand, do not criticise anybody. Criticising the boss = very arrogant to the ears of everyone but the victim of corporate bullying.
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Reply Fri 1 Jun, 2018 07:13 pm
I have never found taking a stance against your boss to be productive it generally comes back to bite you. In the meantime get with your boss & ask him how your performance could be improved (in his eyes) & work with him on it! Other than that update your resume & keep your eyes & ears open to find a better job.
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