In politics, we're more diverse than we seem. What's an issue that you disagree on with "your side"?

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For a long time I was at odd with my ex-favorite French party, the Socialists, and with many friends and family over economic regulation and subventions. I'm generally worried about how the French economy is too "artificialized" with many perverse effects, such as unemployement. French leftists have a very naïve and negative view of capitalism, me think.

Then Macron came. Now I'm normal, a banal centrist... oh well!
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I'm not particularly diverse.
I'm liberal on everything.
I'm just not part of the liberal tribe.

There is one minor issue where I may be in disagreement with the liberals (as well as conservatives).

I think the tax rates on short term and long capital gains were good where they were circa 2012 when the long term rate was much lower than the short term rate. The differential, in theory, encourages people to hang on to stock longer. It encourages value investment. However, I think liberals would prefer to see all capital gains treated like any other income and taxed the same whether short term or long term.
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centrox wrote:

maxdancona wrote:
Most people choose their sides by emotion and by their communities rather than by reason or facts.

That is a rather shaky assertion.

Not according to anyone familiar with Jonathan Haidt's research.
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Ontario used to be Upper Canada, and Québec was Lower Canada. There were uprisings in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837 and 1838. They were suppressed, and with a good deal of brutality in Québec. The governmental reforms they sought were similar to some of the grievances of the colonists in what is now the United States, in 1775, and more importantly, neither province had an effective legislature. The provinces were reorganized as Canada East (Québec) and Canada West (Ontario), and in 1840, their legislatures were merged and the governor and council system was ended, and now the two provinces had responsible and effective government (responsible in that they now held the reins of power).

Canada West was concerned that the educational system in Canada East was in the hands of the Catholic church. They wanted a public system for the Protestants, most of whom were native speakers of English. The habitants agreed, on the condition that Canada West could provide funding for Catholic schools. The system is in place to this day. In Ontario, there is a unified but dual education system--there are district school boards and there are Catholic district school boards. Many of the voters of Ontario are very unhappy with this system. When he was running in the hope of becoming the provincial PM, John Tory (honest to Dog, the then conservative party leader is named John Tory--he is now the mayor of Toronto) said that the province should fund all religious schools. It was a terrible gaffe, and it wouldn't go away. Not only did the PC (the conservatives are called the PC--the Progressive Conservatives) lose the election, Tory lost in his own riding. That suggestion did not please anyone.

I cannot speak for The Girl, but I believe that she refers to this system when she speaks of separate schools. Whether or not that's what she means, many of the voters of Ontario don't like the current system, perhaps most of them, and they would like to see the Catholic district school boards abolished. They think that if the Catholics don't want to attend the public schools, they can attend Catholic schools at their own expense.
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I think liberals would prefer to see all capital gains treated like any other income and taxed the same whether short term or long term.
Paul Krugman, hardly a conservative would agree that long term cap gains SHOULD be taxed at loer rates
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There are those who think I am too cynical. I'm not. I just want our government to get back to governing and working for the benefit of us all.

I think of you as being a lot more "idealistic" than "cynical". I'm cynical.
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