Homeless and disabled advice welcome

Sun 26 Nov, 2017 04:20 am
I have just been made homeless within the last week. I lost my job in August as a school caretaker, as I have developed an illness that restricts my ability to walk, and has damaged my nerves and I know have uncontrolled movement in my arms, and legs. It has also started to effect my speech. I applied instantly on being dismissed for state benefits in the UK, having worked since I left school, until this point in various roles for the last 30 years. Unfortunately, due to one thing and another there is still no progress in getting any monies. I have lived off a small amount of savings that I had since August (just under £1000) so you can tell I didn't have any will parties or anything. The main block in getting any recognition as a disabled person is that my consultant is on long term leave, and it would be easier to see Lord Lucan than it would to see or speak to my Doctor. The Local authority were made aware that I would soon be homeless, and unfortunately only have a handful of properties that are suitable for my disabilities. I did say that I was happy to go into any type of property, and they did meet me to look at a 2 bed ground floor flat, which although 2 beds would have been perfect. Unfortunately, a young family from Eritrea have been allocated to the local area, and they have 2 small children, and thus priority for housing, so it wasn't to be. The property was probably better suited for a young family and 1 bedroom is really what I need. There is apparently a real shortage of hostel accommodation as our area is rural and my Key worker said that there is a real drug problem in the area, and the vast majority of the places in the hostels are taken as a result. There are no homeless shelters here, so for the past 2 evenings I have managed to find a partially sheltered area in a hedge on the outskirts of my town. I do have an duvet, and also wearing lots of layers, but the temperature has been 3 -4 degrees below zero the last few days, and I am not sure that I will be able to do this much longer. I have a wicked cough at the moment, and suspect that I might have a chest infection, so will wait outside the local doctors surgery to see if I can get an appointment on Monday. I am currently typing this on a good samaritan's laptop. The gent called John walks his dog and saw me trying to get up this morning from the hedge, and said I could use the computer for an hour to try and sort something out. But basically the support agencies are closed being the weekend. He has made me a coffee, and I have thawed out a bit, but I am sat in his conservatory because his wife isn't keen. He did say that I could come back again Wednesday for a coffee and to check to see if anything had come of my emails to the various agencies, as his wife is Christmas shopping. I have tried my local church, and the vicar said I can sit in there all day if I like, and it is slighty warmer than outside, but it does close after 7.30pm. I did try my local MP who is a bit of a champion according to the press for people facing adversity, but the first question her office asked me was how I voted in the last election, and when I said they basically gave me short shrift and I felt I was sent away with a flea in my ear. I guess 'For the Many' just doesn't include me. When I spoke to my Key worker last week, she said that I need to be patient, but without any money food or shelter I am not sure I will be around to see this through to a satisfactory conclusion. If any one can think of anything that might be a practical help that I can do I would appreciate it. I will check out whether there are any updates on Wednesday. Thanks for bearing with my ramble Jake
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Sun 26 Nov, 2017 05:10 am
Contact Shelter.

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