Why don't people want to associate themselves with feminism?

Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 09:47 am
I'm currently researching for my final major project and college and need to collect primary research about my topics, one of them being feminism.
I've run two polls on my twitter, one asking how many of my followers are feminist and if people believe men and women should get paid the same for the same job (trick question to see the difference). Shockingly most agree that men shouldn't get paid more however they don't class themselves as feminists!?


Honest opinions will be fab! Thank you Smile
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Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 11:23 am
Women have, also together with men. over centuries fought for equality for men and women.
Modern feminism has taken a turn which seems to have little to do for equality between men and women.
Among women, some of the strongest support for feminism was found in Sweden, where one in three (36%) agreed very much that they defined themselves as feminists. They were followed by women in Italy (31%) and Argentina (29%). Those in the middle of the ranking were from Great Britain (22%), Spain (22%), United States (20%), Australia (18%), Belgium (18%), France (18%), Canada (17%), Poland (17%), and Hungary (15%). Women least likely to agree very much were from Japan (8%), Germany (7%) and South Korea (7%).

Being Swedish I can tell you that mostly it is pointed out all the areas where
women are less equal than men. Forgotten in all the discussions are all the
areas where men have it worse than women.
Men get involved in aggresiv attacks four times more often than women.
Women live longer, survive longer after being in hospital, usually have better grades in school. The list is long. Are less lonesome in old age.
Feminism cannot be equated with equality.
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Fil Albuquerque
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 11:41 am
I've read the thread topic backwards.

Why don't they?
Well there is good reason to be associated with it and almost none to run from it.

First the cause sometimes has merit.
Second its fashionable and it makes you look open-minded.
The reason against is that sometimes the feminism can go a step to far.
Nonetheless, and given we speaking of an oppressed group overreacting should be tolerated.
It also depends on your group of reference.
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Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 11:53 am
I agree with Saab. There seem to be a couple of similar threads today, are they related?

I agree with feminists on some issues (equal pay being one of them). I disagree with feminists on other issues (e.g. that fathers are just as much parents as mothers).

The biggest problem with modern feminism is that the ideological narrative has become more important than the principle of equality. The idea that boys are sexual predators, that men in modern Western societies are at higher risk of violence than men, is common.

Then there are crazy ideas like "rape culture", which justifies the censorship or certain artistic expression, or the silencing of certain voices or even music in the interest of protecting women from thought crimes. There is a prominent feminist who attacked Beethoven's ninth symphony as being an example of sexual assault.

As with all ideologies, there is some truth to feminism. The idea that women and men should be equal is certainly something with which I agree. The idea that women haven't been treated fairly in the past, or in some ways aren't treated fairly now is true to a point.

But the absurd limits to which the ideology of feminism has been taken is the reason that many of us; men and women alike, say "No thanks".
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 12:10 pm
oops, I just noticed. You are the same person starting multiple threads on the same topic.

That's not good form. Please don't start any more (unless you have a new topic).
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Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 07:31 pm
You don't think that fathers are just as much parents as mothers?
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 07:36 pm
Quite the opposite Tibble. I believe that fathers are equal to mothers.

In the US at least, divorce courts generally assume that mothers will have the primary custody of the children (usually the fathers get "visitation"). Many feminist groups have opposed the idea that fathers should share the custody equally.

During my divorce, my ex-wife had a feminist lawyer who objected to the term "shared custody" for some ideological reason. I ended up with 50% custody (I had to fight for it)... my lawyer said that the term was irrelevant and that the whole thing was rather silly. But it is true that many feminists object to the idea that fathers are equal to mothers when it comes to caring for children. This becomes important in divorces where parental rights are a legal issue.

Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 10:38 pm
Apologies, I mis-read your post! From what I've read from you here on forum the statement, as I understood, it seemed out of character.
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Reply Sat 10 Jun, 2017 09:54 am
I think a lot of females do not want to associate with the third wave feminism that is polluting our society as it has become less about the rights of women and more about men-bashing. Quite frankly, a lot of these so-called 'feminists' believe that they are entitled to be treated differently simply because they are female. They feel that they are entitled to MORE rights than that of a men. Which goes against feminism, surely? Surely women want to be treated as EQUAL to men instead of expecting exceptions to be made for them because they are women.

Words like "white male privilege", "mansplaining", "safe space", "gender wage gap", "rape culture" are thrown out willy-nilly. White male privilege is used as a put down - it is branded when a male voices an opinion that feminists disagree with. Because, everyone knows that you cannot disagree with a feminist. Mansplaining is used to describe when a man is explaining someone in a seemingly derogatory way - because, of course, they would be being derogatory. They wouldn't just be - explaining something. The gender age gap, in western society, is a lie. A woman in a CEO position would make the same as a man in that same CEO position, for example. You have to take into account that women make different choices from men - for example, they tend to go in to the arts rather than sciences. Also, they can be on the same wage as a man but come out with a lesser salary at the end of the year, because - well, women tend to take more time off. They have children. They go part time. There are a multitude of reasons. Surely if there was a wage gap, companies would be hiring more women because they could pay them less to do the same job as a man. It just doens't make sense. Safe space is thrown out there when a woman feels like a man is 'in their space'. How weak you portray women and how monstrous you portray men. Get a grip. Rape culture in the west - well, let's face it, if someone in our society commits a rape, they are punished. It is not acceptable to society. If you were talking about certain middle-eastern countries, I would understand - but you simply cannot say the same thing for western society. Feminism nowadays is about being a victim and is actually setting women back as opposed to propelling them forward.

- Irish female, 31 yrs
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Grim Reaper
Reply Mon 26 Jun, 2017 06:00 pm
The issue is feminism, the definition has been changed for 3 years to be "women are superior to men and men are sexist rapist cis gendered hitler loving rapists" so no I would not want to be in any way associated with feminism. EVER.
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