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Reply Sat 25 Mar, 2017 10:19 pm
Hi whoever is reading this,
I have an assignment in my global issues class and I have to interview someone from another culture or country. I am in America, I am a female, and I would not say I have a particular culture. If anyone could answer the following questions for me and let me know where you are from, that would be extremely helpful.

1) Identify the culture/and or country of origin for the interviewee. Include how you met the person. What is the format of your interview: face to face, telephone or email? Include any basic information that you may have like gender and approximate age. If he or she is no longer living in their country of birth, how long have they been away?
2) In their country of origin: how do people greet each other (shake hands, bow, embrace, other). Has the traditional form of greeting been impacted by globalization and if so, how?
3) How are children educated in their country? Is there a difference in how males and females are educated or certain minorities? What do you think are the primary goals of education in the country and how (if at all) has this changed in the last 50 years?
4) What is the literacy level (as a whole and by gender)? (The interviewee may not know the answer to this question but you can find the information by looking at Country Watch.com database available at Franklin University’s library web site)
5) What is the normal dress for men and women? Are there any special traditional items of clothing and when are they worn?
6) What is the type of government for the country?
7) What are the major religions? What are the basic beliefs of these religions?
8) What are the important holidays? Are there special observances of these holidays? Do you feel the attention to these holidays has changed in any way due to the effects of globalization?
9) What are the types of communications technology available to most people in their daily lives (for example, TV, computers, cell phones, Internet…) How much of a difference is there between rural and urban areas in availability and use of technology?
10) Where and how do people get married? What is the average marriage age? Is it acceptable not to get married? What is the attitude towards divorce? What changes have occurred in the traditional family structure in your country in your lifetime (or your parents and grandparents lifetime?)
11) What is the national language of the country? Are other languages spoken and how many languages does the typical person know?
12) Who are the important national figures in your country (past or present)? They may be in entertainment, art, religion, politics, science etc.
13) How do people spend their leisure time? How much influence has western culture (movies, clothing, consumer products, foods…) had on the lifestyle and values of most people?
14) What is a misconception that you have heard about your country?
15) What are the 5 most important values of your culture (of origin)?
16) How do you feel your country or region of the world has been most impacted by globalization? This may include both negatives and/or positives.
17) What do you feel are the key challenges that face your country right now?
18) What are the most important things (resources, people, knowledge…) you feel your country or region has to offer to the global community?
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Reply Sun 26 Mar, 2017 06:45 am
You have just copied your assignment. This is not an interview.
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Reply Thu 30 Mar, 2017 09:44 am
Ask the other kids in the class.
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Reply Thu 30 Mar, 2017 10:07 am
The majority of theses questions you can find an answer to in internet.
You have to have a cultural interview for your class and just asking one person.
All depending on whom you are asking questions you will get different answers
Take this question:
What is the national language of the country? Are other languages spoken and how many languages does the typical person know?
First question you can find an answer over internet.
Second question is also over internet. The majority of people in my country probably do not knw how many languages are spoken and many do not are by law seen as a minority language. How many languages does the typical person know. What about this question... what does it mean to know a language?
Speak it fluently, speak it, be able to make yourself understood or know about it.
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