Should I transfer to the same college as boyfriend.

Reply Mon 13 Feb, 2017 08:09 pm
I am currently 20 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. we never went to the same high school. lived 30 minutes away from each other. been on vacation once together. we met in missouri. he went to texas for basketball and i moved to florida a few months after for my dads job. we were doing long distance from august - decemeber from missouri and texas. Now we are doing long distance from Florida to Texas. I don't know anyone here and I won't start college until the fall. I went to community college and received my AA degree. anyways, I am deciding between a university in florida and the same school as him in texas. I am struggling with being in a long distance relationship but we can get through it. we just would rather be together. and why not go to the same school? please help me.
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Stay in Florida and attend university there. You're a resident of Florida and your tuition will be far less then if you'd be an out of state student in Texas where you probably pay triple tuition.
You've met your boyfriend when you were 16.5 years old. Both of you have a lot of growing up to do and I think you both would enjoy being in different colleges, having different friendships and having a good time. Don't nail yourself to one person at such a young age.
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We have been to different colleges for 2 years and we didn't care for it. I went to community college and he went to a university both far away from each back in Missouri. But I do understand what you said about the tuition. I just moved to Florida so I'm paying for out of state for a year either way. And either I live in Florida for a year and then get in state or I work in Texas for a year and get in state that way. And tuition is the same and both schools I'm looking at.
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Never change schools because of a relationship that isn't marriage or an engagement or very long-term living together (as in, over 2 years - and I mean living together, not dating). Why? Because you need to get through school and not be distracted. And if you are going to a school which is better for your studies or your future employment prospects, then you definitely don't want to be up and leaving.

What matters with college educations is, go where:
  • You can best afford to go without going into debt forever.
  • You can get the most prestigious degree as a lot of graduate school admissions committees and employers are, at heart, snobs and crave the reflected cachet. However, the University of X versus the University of Y won't matter much. But when it comes to Ivy League schools, or the top school for a particular field, it pays to go into hock. For some areas, if the local job scene is particularly tribal, then it may pay to go to the best area school. For lawyers, unless they can get into an Ivy League, that's often the best bet, as employment can be heavily based on networking and on an employer's perception that you'll stick around.
  • You can get the best possible placement, either into a graduate school or a first job or both.
  • You get the best program and courses to prepare you for either work or graduate study, as you desire.
  • If you play sports which could be played for money, go wherever the best program is, if that is your desire. A basketball-playing friend went to Kentucky for that very reason, although he could have gone elsewhere.
The rest of it is little nagging details, but the common thread here is your future after school.
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