Violent Protests of President Trump's Inauguration in DC

Reply Fri 20 Jan, 2017 02:22 pm
Police injured in protests, nearly 100 arrested at Trump inauguration

A pair of police officers were injured and 95 protesters arrested after they smashed windows, damaged cars and threw rocks at police near Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony on Friday in Washington, D.C.


After the swearing-in ceremony, demonstrators near 12th and K streets threw rocks and bottles at police, who were clad in riot gear and attempting to disperse the crowd. A large number of police were on scene and used smoke and flash-bang devices to try to scatter the protesters.

Bunch of rabble rousing idiots. What will their violence solve?
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Finn dAbuzz
Reply Fri 20 Jan, 2017 03:21 pm
Someone hack into IfraBlue's account?

Actually, it's nice to see that we can agree on certain issues (even if it's only one).

They are indeed idiots and what is worse (or better depending on your point of view) they will be seen as the face of the many peaceful protesters.

The First Amendment guarantees precious rights that everyone should, and most do, respect and cherish.

The sorts of wanton violence that has already gone on is in no way an expression of free speech, rather it is a significant abuse of the right.

I've already read that not only have police officers been injured, but other protesters too.

This is the sort of behavior that needs to be immediately and unsparingly cracked down on by the police. Arrests made and more than light sentences given out.

The irony is that if any of these idiots screaming about "police states" and "oppression" tried this stuff in places where there was a truly legitimate concern they would find themselves locked up in a dark hole, or worse.

It's a game to many. They get to dress up in cool headdresses, carry street-fighter gear and play Urban Revolutionary. They are an insult to the brave men and women who take to the streets, around the world, to oppose actual tyrants.

The stupidity of calling Trump a tyrant even before he took the oath of office is stunning.

Unfortunately it seems that more and more of these left-wing protests and demonstrations inevitably have no small number of violent cretins indulging in mayhem.

I have considerable respect for peaceful and civil protesters, regardless of their views, and I know they outnumber the thugs by a long-shot, but as soon as people are injured, property destroyed, and the rights of other citizens infringed upon (like blocking egress to the ceremony to citizens who traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to be a part of history) all bets are off, and those that behave in a criminal manner should be dealt with lawfully but harshly.

Somehow most of the protests against the Vietnam War managed to be numerous and sizable, and yet free of the violence we're seeing in DC today, and with virtually every demonstration staged. Of course demonstrations like the one that took place at the Democratic Convention in 1968 involved violent tactics, but for the most part, the violent tactics were being used by Mayor Daley's police. Eventually the protesters were drawn into the violence, but I very much doubt there would have been so much blood in the streets if Daley hadn't decided that his police were going to war with demonstrators, rather than reasonable policing.

Police forces around the nation have learned from that terrible example of excess and while some folks may not appreciate the so-called militarization of our police and the sight of lines of heavily armed police in riot gear, discretion and restrain is most often the rule. Still we can't expect cops to protect our cities and towns and stand and take having bricks and bottles thrown at them.

It was ironic as well that many on the left felt that the Chicago riots would result in greater support from the American people. It didn't and they helped to elect the "law & order" president of his time, Richard Nixon.

The same can be said of modern mayhem disguised as protests.

Hundred of thousands of people marching peacefully and with dignity can send a powerful message and will always win over a lot more hearts and minds than scenes of rioting and looting.

Opposition to Trump's presidency is, I believe premature, but if you (the universal "you") are committed to it, it behooves you and those who share your feelings to do all you can to avoid encouraging these idiots and their unlawful conduct. Not only doesn't it ever "work" it's counter-productive to your movement. People viewing such mindless violence are not thinking "Trump must be a horrible tyrant to incite young people to such extreme action." Instead they are thinking "Trump was right, thank God he got elected," or "Maybe Trump is right and it's time make America a place of law & order again."

Unfortunately, too many on the left are afraid to strongly condemn the groups behind this crap. There are too many "buts" and "keep in mind" excuses made. Good for you InfraBlue!

I hate to witness these scenes of disorder, but in the end they will advance conservative positions far more than liberal ones.
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Reply Fri 20 Jan, 2017 04:45 pm
I agree; I posted yesterday that I hoped matters would be peaceful. Fat chance, I guess.

Wry smile from me for a few seconds. A local friend and I are down in the dumps (rhymes with Trump's).

My fervent hope is that protesters all, from whatever side/point of view, in whatever state of the US/DC or whatever country in the world, get their messages across in a peaceful manner. Same with the security people. I haven't asked my neighbors about their takes, none of my business, but I can guess, though presupposing what people think is dumb. Maybe I'll go for a bit of a walk tomorrow and see if any one else will be needing fresh air. 70% chance of rain, though.
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Reply Sat 21 Jan, 2017 11:46 am
Legitimate protests have often been marred by this element. They want to be the news and they succeed. Instead of looking at the legitimate grievances and concerns of the posters the media ends up reporting the violence.

Sometimes the protesters are pro Trump.

A rally in Nigeria to show support for Donald Trump as he was inaugurated as US president turned violent, injuring several people, police say.

The event in the southern oil hub of Port Harcourt was organised by a group supporting the independence of the south-eastern region of Biafra.

The group says it backs Mr Trump because he supports "self-governance".

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) allege 11 people died in clashes with security forces during the rally.

But a police spokesman in Port Harcourt told the BBC that only tear gas was fired and said some people were wounded in the scuffles.

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