Donald Trump's Family Hid German Roots-Especially When selling to Jews

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That's very different from your lies, and they are lies.
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Miller wrote:

Foofie wrote:

My name was shortened from the Yiddish diminutive, "Foofala," to the more Anglecized, "Foofie."

What's the meaning of the word "Foofala"? It sounds like an Italian dish to me...

Foofie was one of the English king's favorite hunting spaniels. Foofala is just the Yiddish diminutive meaning "little Foofie."
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Blickers wrote:

Dunno, but I have heard Jews refer to each other as "Bubala".

Bubala means "little bubbie," or "little grandmother," I believe. I know very little Yiddish; I'm studying to be a WASP in my next life.
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You're winding us up, right? Laughing

Foofala is all that stuff in the dollar store that breaks as soon as you get home. It also can be bobble-heads anything, frosted beer mugs, brackets and wheels for we don't know yet but we might need them one day.
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