Chart for rating emotion levels for actions???

Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2016 01:52 pm
I'm trying to create an emotional rating scale for actions found in stories. That is to say that we know what is going on in a story because of how the author describes it. I'm going to single out all the actions in a short story and then analyze the surrounding or supporting phrases or words related to that action for emotional levels.

But I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how emotions might subtly escalate. Is there a list of these emotion/action levels
Realize but do nothing
Affect thinking no action
Affect feelings
Affect actions

or Possibly
(1) Null
(2) Mild
(3) Moderate trigger to express
(4) Serious trigger to action
(5) Extreme felt trigger rash to action

I'm hoping the action when run against the list will get flagged with an emotion level

Plus should I use just the basic 6 (some say there are only 4)
Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise

or more
Joyful, Tenderness, Helpless, Defeated, Rageful, Cheerful, Sympathy, Powerless, Bored, Outraged, Content, Adoration, Dreading, Rejected, Hostile, Proud, Fondness, Distrusting, Disillusioned, Bitter, Satisfied, Receptive, Suspicious, Inferior, Hateful, Excited, Interested, Cautious, Confused, Scornful, Amused, Delighted, Disturbed, Grief-stricken, Spiteful, Elated, Shocked, Overwhelmed, Helpless, Vengeful, Enthusiastic, Exhilarated, Uncomfortable, Isolated, Disliked, Optimistic, Dismayed, Guilty, Numb, Resentful, Elated, Amazed, Hurt, Regretful, Trusting, Delighted, Confused, Lonely, Ambivalent, Alienated, Calm, Stunned, Melancholy, Exhausted, Bitter, Relaxed, Interested, Depressed, Insecure, Insulted, Relieved, Intrigued, Hopeless, Disgusted, Indifferent, Hopeful, Absorbed, Sad, Pity, Pleased, Curious, Guilty, Revulsion, Confident, Anticipating, Hurt, Contempt, Brave, Eager, Lonely, Weary, Comfortable, Hesitant, Regretful, Bored, Safe, Fearful, Depressed, Preoccupied, Happy, Anxious, Hopeless, Angry, Love, Worried, Sorrow, Jealous, Lust, Scared, Uncertain, Envious, Aroused, Insecure, Anguished, Annoyed, Tender, Rejected, Disappointed, Humiliated, Compassionate, Horrified, Self conscious, Irritated, Caring, Alarmed, Shamed, Aggravated, Infatuated, Shocked, Embarrassed, Restless, Concern, Panicked, Humiliated, Grumpy, Trust, Afraid, Disgraced, Awkward, Liking, Nervous, Uncomfortable, Exasperated, Attraction, Disoriented, Neglected, Frustrated

The following is easy. Ichabod's action of beating his horse was caused by his terror and desperation.
Ichabod's terror rose to desperation; he rained a shower of kicks and blows upon Gunpowder, hoping, by a sudden movement, to give his companion the slip but the spectre started full jump with him.


But what i'm looking for is a list to compare the more subtle actions if they are connected to how the character is feeling.

is sleeping in null
A young boy is sleeping in his bed on a usual night.

I've spent an hour putting this post together and I really don't even know if I'm explaining this correctly. I would appreciate the disscussion.


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Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2016 01:57 pm
Bro thanks for reminding me of a nightmare I had about Ichabod Crane when I was a kid. That had my emotion levels like *raises my hand to the ceiling* right up here.
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