your name on the back of the canvas, and how

Reply Sun 23 Oct, 2016 09:31 pm
I've been a long time painter and I even still like some of them. My signature was within the paintings, discernable, with my initials.

I have a tiny house full of paintings, not all of them by me. I've sold, happily, many, but still have some left, including my own favoriete, plus the other peoples's paintings could be appreciated, especially one of them.

Meantime, I have spent years scraping money to pay property taxes, which proliferate each year, me on tiny social security, and I am waiting for the knell. A cousin saved me last time but I think that won't happen again.
I was confused and didn't get that property tax went up each year... I am not in California any more.

So... I need to put my name on the back of my canvases. I know some stuff can go through canvas.. Or, does it.
My paintings have been oils on canvas, never raw.
Can I my signing on the back with a Sharpie be a problem re seepage to the front? I'm not thinking so but I think I remember that as a problem.
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Reply Mon 24 Oct, 2016 03:11 am
dont know bout Sharpies, but they do make pigment pens that will tick and not seep. Id put down your information you want to provide, use a pigment pen (or some Titanium white pint (Which flouresces and someone will have trouble removing the info).
BUT, if you use a pigment pen, lt it dry then pqint over with a polyurethane (lik making a decoupqge).
Are you afraid that soneone will attempt to scrape off your name and put down another artists name?
There re o mny "fakers" nowadays, that even museums and sophisticated collectors are getting screwed.

SDo you have a gallwry that hndles your ork? They usually do something to assure provenance. A gallery Ive dealt with had begun using RFID "chips" in the 90's.
Pretty hi tech for such an old craft.

You sound down, I hope youre doing ok.

Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2016 12:21 am
A, what is a pigment pen?

I've always told my name, on etchings, on drawings, but in paintings have want wanted to be discrete, not to take space. JC is there someplace.

I have had a part in two galleries; my last is still alive, one 25 years earlier
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2016 12:27 am
I want to put my sig on what is left of my canvasses, to date.
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Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2016 12:56 am
I am down.. I am always ready to lose my place re taxes, and it is soon up, again. I live on tiny money. I'm still a snot.
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2016 01:03 am
What I want to know is if the present manifestation of sharpies will let me write on the back of a gessoed canvas behind an oil painting without showing
without showing through.

Alternatives ok as well.
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2016 07:37 am
I wouldnt write directly on the canvas thats hung, but on the wood frame . If you have a canvas "Board", then Id feel that its prfectly safe to write on the back ith a Sharpie.
Why not just try on a waste canvas(we all have em). If it bleeds through, you can sand, regesso the front, and just reuse it.
Ive got lots of reused canvases where Ive got air brushed llacquers separated from oil paint , merely by a layer of gesso or chalk paint.
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Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2016 07:42 am
pigment pens are kinda like sharpies except they deliver a line of actual oil based paint (I dont know what they use for the diluent).
Ive used them to sign paintings many times. You can get em in many colors and in metallic too.
They wont last years , but if stored properly(point down so it seals the tip) itll make it a year or two.
I assume you wont use it a lot.

IF YOU USE A SHARPIE--DO NOT spray it over with fixative or varnish, the Sharpie will become "paper chromatography"

(SINCE WE LAST TALKED) I tried to write on a canvas back and, while it sunk through an unpainted canvas, it didnt seep through a gessos and painted one (but write on the wood if you don't wanna try it firts)
Qlso, the writing "OVER" your signature on the front with a sharpie is not a great idea because if you varnish it as I said, the Sharpie will seep and run like a chromatograph
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