Pressure to look younger?

Reply Sun 16 Oct, 2016 03:08 pm
I'm doing an art project on the pressures, primarily for women, to look younger. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this? Do you feel obliged to dye grey hair, how do you feel about going grey? Has anyone ever said anything offensive/ positive to you about grey hair?
Also, do you use anti ageing products, (eg creams) do they work for you? How do you feel about wrinkles, do you feel a sense of sadness or do you embrace them?
And lastly, would you ever consider cosmetic surgery such as face lifts? If so, what would be your reasoning/ motivation? If not, I'd still love to know how you feel about these surgeries.
I know this is a lot to ask, but I'd really appreciate it if some people could help me out by answering any questions you feel comfortable.
Thank you so much,
Emily Smile
Reply Sun 16 Oct, 2016 05:35 pm
I went completely grey over the past two years. Let all the colour work its way out of my hair.

and wow - the compliments from random people are amazing

I'm glad I went through with it. I've got good hair - apparently I've got spectacular silver hair.

I have absolutely no interest in any cosmetic surgery. I've earned my face and I like it. I dance and swim and walk a lot, my skin is well-oxygenated, so no need for creams/lotions/potions. I rarely use soap on my face, which I think has helped a great deal - in addition to inheriting the quality of my father's skin.

I'm very nearly 60 now.
Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2016 03:10 am
Thank you so much for helping me out! I'm glad you have had such a positive experience Smile
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Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2016 07:09 am
I have started to get grey hair, mostly in form of streaks. Some people think that the streaks are dyed.
I would not color my hair as I think grey or white hair can be so beautiful and
and fits the more pale skin we get as older.
No I do not use any anti aging creams or anything like that. I am lucky to have a skin which is very good for my age.
I feel that an aging face or aging hands or body is nothing to be sad about.
We just have to do the best of the situation. Dress nicely, use colors matching us as we are getting older.
I like a discreet make up, but I have always used makeup.
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Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2016 08:24 am
ehbeth has exactly nailed my experience.

I'm 58, hair is completely white/silver and get compliments from both friends and complete strangers.
My only regret is that I didn't let it go natural long before I did, a few years ago.

I use whatever soap I have on both my body and face in the shower. Face wise, I rarely put any moisturizer on it. Few/no wrinkles, I'm sure it's genetic. I use sunscreen when I go swimming, which is most days.

The day I stopped working 2 or 3 ears ago was the day I stopped wearing makeup. Can't be bothered. Oh, wait a minute, when I turned 50 my gift to myself was permanent makeup for eyebrows. That was because my brow hairs mostly fell out during menopause, and no eyebrows look alien like. Why waste time applying eyebrow pencil when you can just have an expert tatoo them on and be done with it? Spent good money on them and they look great. Pretty much my only nod to vanity. That, and lasik, which was primary of course for improved eyesight, but not wearing glasses was a bonus.

Other than that, no interest in any sort of plastic surgery.

I don't feel pressure to look younger, because I don't want to BE younger. I have paid all my dues in full to be a member of the Wise Elder club.

Egads, why would I want to deal with all the drama/pressures of being/looking young again?

I look forward to the next 42 years, as I plan to live to at least 100.
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Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2016 10:26 am
Excuse me, I missed your question on how I feel about plastic surgery.

My feelings are, it's your money, and unless it's illegal or immoral, you can pretty much do what you want with it. I'm not talking about people with body dysmorphia, for whom no amount of nipping and tucking will satisfy them.

Same as my feelings toward ink, piercings, scarafication etc. While I think some are ill advised, each person must live with their own pleasure with the results, or regrets.

Related to that, the pressure to look a certain way that comes from celebrities needs to be addressed.

While there are some media examples of those who are currently cheating the clock with whatever it is they do, most people who have some sort of fame look no better or worse for the wear at any particular age, than a random person on the street.

As Satchel Paige said "Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter"

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