Why can't I find what I'm looking for?

Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2016 03:00 pm
So according to these websites, most people don't graduate college in 4 years.

Graduation rates of first-time, full-time bachelor's degree-seeking students at 4-year postsecondary institutions, by race/ethnicity, time to completion, sex, and control of institution: Selected cohort entry years, 1996 through 2006

Percentage of persons 25 to 29 years old with selected levels of educational attainment, by race/ethnicity and sex: Selected years, 1920 through 2013

Breaking the 4-year myth: Why students are taking longer to graduate | College Choice News for College Students | USA TODAY College

On average, a college degree takes six years, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says | PolitiFact Wisconsin


The Myth of the Four-Year College Degree | TIME.com

In addition, this website gives the 4-year graduation rates of certain colleges.

Humboldt State University - Reviews & Rankings

Winona State University - Reviews & Rankings

Southern Vermont College - Reviews & Rankings

Morehead State University (MSU) - Reviews & Rankings

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) - Reviews & Rankings

According to this website, the majority of students at the colleges I linked don't graduate in 4 years. Now on facebook, I've been looking up students who attend these universities with supposedly low graduation rates. If the majority of students at these universities take longer than 4 years, then the majority of students should be older than 22 when graduating, but this is what I've been finding. The vast majority of the students I looked up at these universities with low 4-year graduation rates were 21/22 upon graduation. Evidently, facebook isn't the right place to look. Where do I need to look? Are all these statistics saying that most students take longer than 4 years false? What's going on? I'm starting to freak out.
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Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2016 03:34 pm
It could depend on how they are calculating out the averages - for simplicity say there are 10 students that start college at age 17. 9 students graduate in 4 years; one in 19 years. Average amount of years to graduate would be 5.5 or rounded to 6 years (9 studentsx4 years)+(1studentx19 years)/10 students.

Their average age would be 22.5 upon graduation (9 students at 21 years on graduation)+(1student at 36 years)/10

Now granted this is an exaggeration, but you can see how this is possible to work --- my guess is what could be causing the numbers to be so high to complete school is part-time night students - they would take at least double the amount of time to graduate. There are probably fewer of them (look at the amount of part time students) and they take much longer.

Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2016 05:04 pm

Plus there are several other postings under a different screen name, Obsession to the point of paranoia over this issue.
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2016 07:50 pm
Most of these websites don't say that students on average than 4 years. They say that the majority of students take than 4 years
Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2016 05:49 am
I cannot understand what you are saying I think you might have some words missing. Why don't you call the particular schools that are posting these stats and ask them how they obtained these?

That is the only way to know for sure.
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Reply Thu 21 Jul, 2016 07:08 am
Yeah what is the obsession about this - really odd thing to obsess over --- why not simply call the school and ask them?

Then you can go on and find a more interesting obsession.
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