I keep forgiving my mum's embarrassing behaviour, but she's now hurt 3 children, including my own.

Reply Wed 27 Apr, 2016 11:01 am
My mum has always been immature and embarrassed me. Examples include when I was in year 10 (aged 14/15) she ran around with a trolley some members of my form group were playing around with outside a local supermarket - she behaved in exactly the same way as a toddler would. I was laughed at for the next 18months I was at the school. When I was at university she came to visit me and insisted that she have a balloon like a child, when I said no, she pretended to cry like a child - in front of my housemates. These are just two examples of how she's embarrassed me in the past.

But now it's gone a step further. My now husband and I got married last month. It wasn't a fancy affair but we had a reception in a small local cricket club house with about 70 family and friends.

It was a lovely day up until this happened. We had about 50 balloons on the dance, they were aimed at the children to play with and we had music in the background playing. My mum got up and the dance floor and was leaping around playing with the balloons, she was quite high off the ground. My daughter (10months at the time) was sitting on the floor with her cousin (my husbands aunts son, who was 1) who was standing - they were throwing a balloon back and forth between them. Another cousin (my husbands uncles son, who was 2.5) was dancing with a balloon nearby. My mum jumped high, but lost her balance, topling - she tried to get her balance back but landed on my daughters hand instead, my mum then fell into the one year old and he fell and banged his head. The 2.5 year old came forward to try and help his new friends (He'd never met my daughter, the 1 year old is on the other side of my husbands family to the 2.5 year old), my mum by this point was lying on the floor laughing her head off. I didn't see the next bit as I picked both the 1year old and my daughter up off the floor and was trying to find my husbands aunt, but apparently my mum went to try to get up while still laughing and kicked the 2.5year old in the face.

My daughter has a broken hand - although it's nearly heeled, the 1 year old had concussion, and the 2.5 had a black eye. I'm absolutely horrified, not only at my mums behaviour but that as a result of it I spent part of my wedding day in A+E with my daughter and her cousins.

My mum claims she did nothing wrong, and was just having fun. I haven't spoken to her since the day after the wedding when I informed her of the injuries she'd caused. She refuses to apologise, not only to me but to the parents of the other children.

I feel horrible. I've apologised to the parents on her behalf. The 1 year old lives nearby and we see him and his two older brothers regularly. I want my daughter to be friends with him, but understandably the mother is nervous of a similar incident happening.

What the hell do I do now?
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Explain to the other child's mother that you're not joined at the hip with your own mother and will not be bringing her along to any play dates. Then make good on that.

As for your own mother, was there drinking involved? Some of the earlier stuff is just dumb and childish, but your mother's so-called fun ends when your children (or anyone, for that matter, regardless of age) are injured. If your mother can't figure out that that's a problem, then you may need to limit her access to her grandchildren. Do it for their sake and their safety.
Reply Wed 27 Apr, 2016 12:01 pm
No alcohol, my mum doesn't drink and never has.
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Mothers and balloons. hmmmm must be a more common problem than I thought.

I feel bad for liking my In-Laws and disliking my mum. My mum acts like a child, not a 50 something grandmother, she jumps around and gets silly. She embarrassed me when I was a teenager in front on my entire form group one weekend by pouncing around and popping bubbles in the way a toddler would, I never lived it down. I had 50 balloons at my wedding for the children to play with (I mean the actual children not my mother) and she bounced around screaming and shouting like a child, she actually scared the 3 toddlers that were there as she almost crashed into them jumping about.
Reply Wed 27 Apr, 2016 01:38 pm
I thought the same thing.
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