Is this a good way to respond to my friend?

Reply Sun 3 Apr, 2016 02:09 pm
My friend and I are having a debate about whether or not it's a good idea to redshirt(delay Kindergarten entrance by a year) kids with summer and fall birthdays. He's for it, and I'm against. His reasoning is this:

"If you don't redshirt them, they'll have to wait until after their junior year of college to drink."

At the time, I was so shocked I didn't know how to respond. However, I have now been able to come with a typed response which I feel is quite reasonable and accurate:

I don't think there's a problem with red-shirting, but it should only be done if your kid truly isn't ready for Kindergarten. On another forum, this user said something like:

"If you don't redshirt your kid, they won't be able to drink until after their junior year of college."

My response:

"WTF?! That's one of the most absurd reasons I've ever heard. We're supposed to be making decisions about a 4-year-old based on something 16 years in the future? Besides, that's not even necessarily a true statement. How do you even know they'll want to go college? College isn't for everyone. Besides, even if they do go to college, there's no guarantee that they'll graduate in 4 years. That's another assumption you're making. In fact, according to these websites, most people don't graduate in 4 years.




So, it's very likely that they will still turn 21 before their junior year."

What do you think? Is this a good response? IMHO, redshirting for post-high school reasons borders absurdity, because you really can't predict their future after high school. You can send a child to Kindergarten at 4 and safely assume that they will not turn 17 until their senior year of high school, but you cannot assume that they will not turn 21 until their senior year of college.

I'm also backing up my statements with sources, which he didn't do. Thanks!
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Reply Sun 3 Apr, 2016 02:14 pm
I think you both are idiots. Children vary and kindergartens vary, and later boozing possibilites are, um, infantile to fantasize about.

Me I skipped half of kindergarten, busy family, and worried about it later, that I would be made to go back.
Reply Sun 3 Apr, 2016 02:48 pm
and worried about it later, that I would be made to go back.

No, you don't have to worry about that anymore. The laws have changed. However, if you would have posted this two years ago, and the authorities saw it, you would have been forced to go back and finish off that year.
Reply Sun 3 Apr, 2016 03:11 pm
Really? Luckily, that was 1946 (don't trust me re nailing down years).

I take it you may be up on education issues.

In my oddish background, I went back to St. Monica's (place of my first and second grades) in fourth grade, when my father was doing commercials. Thus I improved on playing jacks at recess. Also got to be friends again with my first and second grade friend, Monica Oliveras.

Oh, well. It's hard to find girls later on.

I'm from afar on all the preschool stuff.

I'll say a limp "it depends". I gather some can be a form of early destruction.
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Reply Sun 3 Apr, 2016 03:26 pm
Gadzooks, what a stupid idea, to frame this in term of drinking at all.
Reply Sun 3 Apr, 2016 04:04 pm
I don't think the real issue is drinking at all. I have been shocked many times when talking with peers when the subject of "What was the best time of your life?"came up. (I'm now in my 60s). Most of them said it was their college years.

I wanted to ******* laugh and cry at the same time.
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Reply Sun 3 Apr, 2016 04:07 pm
I think they thought it was cute.
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