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Funnily enough, I've just started to write a thesis on similar things to this. However, I do suggest you go to to have a look at a much simpler explanation.

This snippet focuses more on Satan, however. On a tangent, it goes into detail about the Nephilim and partly about the other demons. I think it may be of some use to you.

(NOTE: I meant to look into M-Theory ere this post to see if that would have something to do with holding together the quantum particles that allow them to compute with each other. If it does indeed integrate, it could mean that they are, not only quantum beings, but partly use metaphysical anomalies as well, making them extremely advanced in design. I will probably include that on a later date.)


The Devil. In what form does it take?

The Devil was originally a holy angel that rebelled against Jehovah’s
sovereignty. John 8:44.

It is not known what form spirit creatures take in the physical world. I have a few theories, the most practical being that they are quantum beings. Most scientists refuse to put research efforts into this due to their biased conclusion that spirit beings are not mechanical in nature.

Another point is that it is not entirely known how he influences the world with the tools at his disposal. How does he keep track of multiple ongoing events around the world, including the thousands of individuals? A theory could be that quantum entanglement can duplicate the information of one particle in another place somewhere entirely different, so it could be theorised that he keeps track of as much as possible by integrating these particles to expand his computational capacities. It is just a thought, perhaps it is entirely different, or there is a multitude of useful methods to expand awareness. Seeing as
he uses other demons as proxies for his will, he could have formed an extensive quantum communications network (if it didn’t exist already) in order to simply use their awareness of their situations to provide feedback. Another idea that is unconfirmed, but possible.

Quantum computers are able to calculate thousands upon thousands of operations in a fraction of time. So, if we imagine a computer made of ONLY quantum parts, not relying on Newtonian physics to serve as a mediator, it could be said that the self-modification of the computer and the rate at which it could compute could be limitless. Increasing research suggests that our own brains could be mediators between Newtonian physics and quantum physics, which explains how demons can possess humans if they can somehow get the human to open up to that kind of influence.
Taking that into perspective, these things can easily explain the
operation of spirit creatures.

But in whatever form Jehovah created them, we know that they are extremely powerful and intelligent, and thus can either be a great boon or a great hindrance, as history shows. It is interesting to note that the Bible says that Jehovah “threw them into Tartarus, putting them in chains of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment.” (2 Peter 2:4) and Jude 6, which says: “he has reserved with eternal bonds in dense darkness for the judgment of the great day.”

Note that they say that they have been ETERNALLY BONDED. This would also suggest that they are quantum
beings, being bound to the earth. With
the universe being the materialized energy of Jehovah, it would make sense that Jehovah can control his own energy in this way, to attach and to bond and to contain. “Dense darkness” could mean the lack of power at their disposal in this state. So not only are they bonded to the earth, but many of their functions have been revoked from them, which explains why they cannot directly influence anyone without gaining unconscious permission from their brains.

-NOTE: Interestingly, when many of the rebelled
spirit-sons came down upon the earth and had intercourse with many of the
women, the resulting offspring were Nephilim (Translation: “Fellers; those who cause others to fall down.”

What characteristics do all Nephilim have, as a fact?

-Extreme height

-Naturally dense tissue, allowing for a great amount of physical strength in many aspects

-Permeating malevolence

-Inability to procreate due to the anti-hybrid system designed by Jehovah

We also know as a fact that all humans are genetically imperfect, so that would have had a part in greatly deforming the end result. It is extremely likely that when the angels materialised in the form of men, (which they can do, due to being of quantum origin) and formed genitalia, the sperm’s genetic material would contain the physical DNA and RNA of the angel’s self-designed bodies. Whatever was the result of that quantum-genetic conversion, it intermingled with human DNA that wasn’t even perfect. So even though the Nephilim would have been superior in every way physically, (though slightly at a disadvantage due to the imperfect human DNA) they were bound to have issues on a neurological point of view, due to such an imbalanced mix of genetic material. Imperfect human beings have many parts of their brain that do not function entirely in the way that it should, and angels would have had the same but perfect brain operating in the foreground, but also could have made neurological structural changes for an attached but entirely different self-contained quantum brain operating in the background, which is an idea.

The Nephilim brain, then, was not going to be a healthy one despite being
computationally and physically strong.

NOTE: “Deep Darkness” also means the prevention of
demonic forces predicting things to come, thus being in spiritual darkness. In order for this to happen, that would mean
that their awareness would have to be impaired in some way, or that any
scripture referencing a prophecy from any bible, they could not see. How this functions is unknown, but Jehovah
would, indeed, be able to filter such information from them if they are made up of his materialised energy.

Edit [Moderator]: Link removed
(Insight vol 1, p491 Jehovah’s Witnesses)

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@Nova Flare Q,
Thank you very much for this! It helps
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2016 06:28 am
As a Christian my interpretations are: God physically is the sky, or Heavenly Father of all creation. There is also a Mother Earth, but she is not mentioned in Christian theology but I know she is there.
Lord Jesus addresses God as Heavenly Father but not in a physical context, rather in a spiritual context because he clearly states in the bible "God is spirit," and the way of the Father.
The physical aspect of God I calculated myself. It's not from the bible or Lord Jesus, I just think it makes sense, thats all.
The spirit of God the Father is all about family which belongs to all living things. Having a sense of family is having a sense of God or vice-versa. If one does not have a sense of family or God there is only self-destruction.
Lord Jesus is the Human family spirit of God the Father, where human beings should love and respect one another.
Satan to me as a Christian is anti-humanism, or an anti-human spirit or psychology. Or anything that hates human beings, which I would call the spirit of satan.
Other species probably have their own type of satan or things that hate them and their kind...
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Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2016 12:26 pm
@Nova Flare Q,
Happily, ordinary folks need no education in quantum theory in order to understand God's direction.
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