Imagine Bernie Sanders wins the White House. Then what?

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Snip from an earlier snip -

I don't propose additional taxation of whatever in order to support having some free universities, and I'm fine with there being regular tuitioned universities too, like there used to be in California - University of Southern California (tuition) in the same city as University of California Los Angeles (no tuition until 1980). That no-tuition school was how a lot of us back then got an education. There were some low fees, and books cost an arm and a leg even back then, but the big numbers weren't part of making it through that school.

I would pay for it by taking some money out of the wasteful (etc.) military and military contractor budgets, which could stand some trimming - thus putting the money toward educating our populace instead of making wars.
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I attended CSU Hayward, then a small college with only 3000 students. It was also practically 'free.' I know the cost was nominal, and I also received some money for being a vet. Also received a stipend for tutoring Accounting. That was good training, because you had to teach so many with different learning abilities.
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I see I forgot to transfer the snip (from Snood's article snip a bit earlier):

quoting that snip -
You have proposed, for example, to pay for universal free public college with a tax on Wall Street speculation. Hillary Clinton had previously proposed such a tax, sans the promise that it would cover such a large expense. It's called a Tobin tax. The idea dates back to 1972, and is meant to stabilize markets.
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revelette2 wrote:
In your country I guess I would be a conservative.


i suppose, i've never really understood party politics, it would be so much easier if we just voted for politicians and left all the party affiliations out of it
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