Going back to a terrible temp job.

Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2016 07:41 pm

Just before Christmas I was working at a temp job for a few months in a warehouse. It was largely terrible and each day was a struggle to get through mentally, but the pay was decent.

I had a few weeks off over Christmas which was the plan and left that job, telling them I would contact them when I return to pick up some hours if they had them.

They called me yesterday to say they had put me back into the rotation, I was put on "standby" for today, so sit around and see if they call. Which they did.

I didn't answer though. I'd much rather be rostered on proper. See, we don't have a set roster, you just get told day by day if you're working.

Anyway, I didn't answer due to the thought of going back out there and feeling mentally drained and just so anxious. It is only going to be for a 2-3 week period this time, but I am still struggling with the idea of going back out there.

Even though it was I who contacted them for the hours. I know some people would say just to "suck it up". But the thought of being on "Standby" like I am today and going back there when they call at the drop of a hat was just too much.

Guess I am just seeking an outside opinion.
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Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2016 08:16 pm
I don't blame you - unless you really need the money. If you do, I would probably say you should have just sucked it up.
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cicerone imposter
Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2016 08:47 pm
Most of my siblings and friends worked on farms during the summer months to make some money even though we are city folk. That's really hard physical labor, and the pay isn't that good for working such long hours. That was the motivation for most of us to continue our education after high school. For me, I had no such goals, and volunteered into the USAF for four years. I earned my degree later in life, but my 30-year working career after that was very satisfying in both challenges and pay.
You may also try to find some apprenticeship position where they promote from within. There are some options other than college that can be both satisfying and with good pay.
Many government jobs offer good retirement plans.
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Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2016 10:56 pm

Thanks for the replies so far.

@roger: I do and do not need the money, don't get me wrong I am not well off, far from. I am just budgeting the money I have at the moment very well and know I can get by on it for a bit longer. Also things tend to sort themselves out in that area.
I will receive a text message on my phone later today to say if I am on standby again or if they have given me a shift. As said, they just tell us day to day. Pretty much a use and abuse situation. Which is making me feel anxious - again.

@cicerone imposter: Working on a farm would be very hard labour I have no doubt. My current plan is to go into some study and do a degree through online education. Is something I have been meaning to do since I left high school some years back. But it just hasn't eventuated so far.
It is something I am after too, like what you were saying, something that is actually satisfying to do.


So yeah, I don't know. It is just a hard position to be in, it may not seem like that from the outside looking in, but personally it is proving to be.

Going back to a place, even if only for a few weeks, that just doesn't appreciate the people that do the work for them. Put it this way, there is a guy who just walks around all day watching what we all do and if we are seen talking we a few minutes later have someone watching us with a notepad taking notes on us. That happens everyday regardless. We work out butts off and in return they watch us like hawks and treat us like garbage.

So I guess that may explain the situation a bit too.

Again; thanks for the replies so far. It is appreciated.

cicerone imposter
Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2016 11:03 pm
Did you know that there are state labor laws that allows for a ten minute break for every four hours of work? I know this is true in California.
Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2016 11:06 pm
@cicerone imposter,
The place I am at (maybe going back to), they do 6 hour shifts. But where it is "funny" though is they sometimes have some people coming in for 4 hour shifts and tell them they don't get a break when they do 4 hours. Which is illegal.

I did a 4 hour shift once and if you work more than 3.5 hours you are meant to get a 10min break. I walked off and had my 10 min break. Nobody saw me so nothing was said.

But this feeds into the not wanting to go back out there because of how they treat people.
Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2016 11:34 pm
May be an obvious question, but if it's a temp position, why do you feel you have to go back there?

Take a different temp job, sign up with more agencies.
Reply Thu 21 Jan, 2016 01:33 am
I don't feel I have to go back there, not at all. It is just a quick way in if I wanted some money, which I do and don't. I don't mean to sound like I am complaining etc. Apologies if it comes across that way to anyone.

Look at it like this, it is a known job. What I mean is I know what to expect as in what I would be doing day to day, but at the same time along with that comes the knowing that they treat people like dirt.
Reply Thu 21 Jan, 2016 12:26 pm
Well then, don't go back there.

Problem solved.

Next case.
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