Should The Homeless Be Forced Off The Streets For Their Own Protection?

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Great reply, vikorr. I should have noticed it a year ago.
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gabrielleasher wrote:

Why are so many people resistant to seeking or receiving help from shelters and outreach programs?

Because in a shelter they are apt to have there stuff stolen, be assaulted, sexual molested etc. etc.

I like edgars idea of supplying them with some emergency rations, and warm clothing, particularly socks, gloves, thermal underwear and hats. If you can keep your extemities warm, you're in better shape. Especially keeping feet warm and dry.

The city can purchase those items wholesale. At a quick glance, the socks, gloves and hats could be procured at around a dollar each.
A set, top and bottom of thermal underwear can be got for around $6.

So for let's say $10 you've fortified someone for cold weather.

Add in emergency mylar blankets that are waterproof, check the wind and hold in heat, for another dollar each.

There are those hand warmers that give about 10 hours worth of 130F heat. Put them in your shoes, or gloves, or on your chest, etc. They are cheap too.

Compare this to the cost of however many people end up in the hospital, and/or forcing them into shelters.

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Reply Sat 22 Jun, 2019 05:23 pm
No, they should be given the help they need to get off the streets permanently. Most people are not there by choice and just need a leg up so to speak to get back on their feet. Of course apartment complexes that want you making 2.5 - 3X the rent is a problem when most companies who would hire a homeless person only wants to work them part time. Fix the cost of housing and you get a lot of the homeless off the street. Those who are left, are probably hooked on drugs and need some serious help to control the addiction.
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