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I'm a girl she's a girl. I'm 18, she's 23. When talking I think she's a bit flirty with me. I told her about how I thought her boss was cute, then today was kind of asking her to hangout, but never really got around to actually saying it, but she brought up the fact that I said her boss was cute, she said" you're into my boss remember". And asked if I was trying to make someone jealous. One day I was joking around with her, and playfully was talking about finding a sugar mama, and she said she used to have one, when I asked her if she had a sugar daddy too she said "no I don't like old balls". I was asking about her buying me a bottle of wine, and of course she said no(she's a wine vendor at the store I work at). Then latter on me, her, and a friend were talking about relationships, because I said she should give this guy at my job a chance, and she said " I have a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend, I have an everything"(she actually doesn't though). After that the conversation drifted topics for a bit, but she said talk to me when you're 21. But if she was talking about alcohol, I wouldn't need her right? Which leads me to believe she was talking about dating type stuff. And when I was kinda sorta asking her to hangout, I asked her why not do you think I'm ugly, she said yes, but then said No, and that she was joking. I was like that's messed up, she said well I was just giving you the answer you wanted/expected, but again stated she was joking.I don't know about you guys but I'll jokingly call my friends ugly even when they're not, and then I'll take it back. I'm hoping that's what she was was doing, and that she doesn't really think I'm ugly. I asked her what she was doing the next day, and she responded with probably laying in my bed, and I said can I join(not a proud moment, and a horrible line that I'm. Not proud of), and she asked why. So I asked who was going to be in her bed, and she said not you! I took it lightly though because it was honestly the perfect comeback. I think we have a lot of playful back to back banter.ive invited her out before with my group of friends, but she hasn't been able to go. Like the other week we went bowling and she said she'd think about it, but decided not to go because she had been working all day, which she did have a 13 hour day that dayand still had to get back to her house on the other side of town. The day after that she was taking to one of my friends about it and asking her did we have fun(my friend didn't know I had invited her and was wonderering how she knew what we had done, and my friend told me she was actually really surprised that she seemed to have actually given thought into coming). One day I showed her a text a friend of mine got from her girlfriend just to show here how cute they were and she made a comment about that text coming from a girl, then I asked her if she had a problem with that, and she was like no, so I said you have a girlfriend too remember, kinda teasing at the fact she said she had one to avoid being asked out by a guy I told her was interested in her. And later on that same day I was having a conversation about how I was going to make my friend and her girlfriend steak, and she said "you didn't make me steak", I said "you didn't ask, do you want some",and she was like yeah. Then later I asked her if she was going to join us for steak night and she said yeah just tell me when. So none of my advances have been turned down entirely it's just that she's been busy, with it being the holiday season and all. When we talk we have strong eye contact, and I just realized I'm rambling.But I just need to know if I have the slightest chance. Part of me is saying no,after today and the laying with you in your bed line. And the other part is telling me yes. I feel like the age thing is a problem for her, because everytime it's brought up she's jokingly talks about how I'm 12, because I'm younger compared to her. And I still need to know if she even likes girls, she doesn't seem to show any interest in guys, and seems pretty comfortable around a few girls who she knows like girls. Also I told her there was a guy at the job that wanted her number, but I couldn't tell her unless I knew he would get it, so he wouldn't be embarrassed, she seemed iffy about it, so I told her I could tell him that she had a boyfriend if she wanted me to. She responded by saying s"sure tell him that". I need some ways and how to approach this, because my guts not working out that well, I feel Ike I'm just getting a bunch of mixed signals.Help please!!
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Reply Fri 25 Dec, 2015 04:49 am
Tb75081 wrote:

... then today was kind of asking her to hangout, but never really got around to actually saying it, ...

Then get around to saying it. She's not a mind reader and cannot possibly know what you want unless you, you know, tell her.
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