Pms or pregnancy symptoms?

Mon 23 Nov, 2015 11:51 pm
I am really paranoid about 3 weeks ago (on Halloween) (it was the last day of my period) me and my friends went to a party at their friends house. We had to stay there because everyone was drunk but I wasn't. I slept on the couch and when I woke up their guy friend was sleeping right next to me. I am paranoid that I might of gotten raped or something, I still had my pants on and my coat, and he had his clothes on as well. I am a virgin, and now it's been about 3 weeks and I feel bloated, and my stomach seems bloated too, and I am getting really paranoid that I might be pregnant, no other symptoms just that, my period comes every month towards the end usually. And right now I am bloating a lot like in my uterus and when I try to make it "bigger" it looks like a pregnant belly. I am really scared that maybe he came in me somehow. Maybe not rape but did come, when I woke up in the morning everything felt normal but I'm still scared that he might of done something like that, also my breasts right now are hurting (like pms) if my period is normal I should be getting it this week
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Tue 24 Nov, 2015 05:50 am
If you have concerns such as this, you should be going to the cops.

Rape is a serious accusation and a serious charge.

But let's look at your symptoms/condition.

Clothes are on. Do you honestly expect someone who cares so little for you as to rape you in the night would have the decency and wherewithal to dress you back up exactly the way you were before? That they would have taken notes or photographs to get it absolutely right (e. g. correct hole on your belt if you were wearing one, panties correct side out and not worn backwards, bra on the correct hook, shirt tucked if it was, coat still on and zipped or buttoned just like it was before, etc.)?

Bloated toward the end of the month. And you normally get your period at the end of the month. Could it be ... your period?

Nervous and paranoid. Unfortunately, one of the most annoying facts about our female bodies is that, when we want our period and we are nervous and scared that we won't get it, our bodies decide to **** with us and delay our periods.

You said nothing about a guy's cum inside you or on your panties. 'Nuff said. Rapists are not so lovingly considerate - not even those that are trying to hide evidence - that they would clean up all traces of semen.

You said nothing about feeling sore. Not a 100% indicator but you usually have an inkling that something has happened. Don't believe me? Then try masturbating with penetration and little to no lubrication. Because rapists don't give a **** about lube or desire.

If it really, really bothers you, you can always buy a pregnancy test from the drug store, follow its directions to the letter, and take it.

Chances are extraordinarily good that nothing happened.

However, if this is a concern of yours, you need to watch the drinking and hanging around people who drink. And pay attention to your own concerns about someone. If you feel someone was capable of this, why are they your "friend" in the first place?
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