My Controversial Rant about Racism

Reply Mon 23 Nov, 2015 03:07 am
I have a very controversial attitude about race that is separate from the normal sides of the discussion. I will not say that there is no racial problems, no racial prejudice, etc. However people are too quick to label people as racist, which in itself is racist. Look at Hanlon’s Razor “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” This can be attributed to racism as well. The news keeps publishing stories about Black Men being killed by White Cops. If the media is too be believed there is an increasing epidemic of police racism. There is no question that police brutality is occurring and should be punished, however actual racist intent is much harder to identify. One must look at an individual’s history. If a cop has shown in the past racial prejudice and then goes around killing people of that race, that is racism. If a cop kills a man, who happens to be black, that isn’t necessarily racism.

A phrase that keeps popping up is “Is it ‘cause I’m black?” This phrase, like freedom of speech, is often used to protect bad behaviors. If someone is blasting music, disrupting others as they try to do their own business, they should be asked to turn their music down. Not off, but down to a level where they can enjoy whatever they are listening to while others can do what they need to.

I have a live and let live mentality. As a basic principle anyone can do anything they want as long as it doesn’t stop someone else from doing what they want. Obviously this doesn’t always work as there is limited space, but it can be applied to most aspects of everyday life.
There are more factors than skin color to life. People often point to wealth inequality between Caucasians and Minorities, but it makes sense. Native Americans lived peacefully with the land. Europeans came across the ocean, exploited the land, and exploited the people. Africans were brought to America as slaves, where they made no money, working for Europeans, who became rich. Africans then had to go through the sharecropping, the segregation, and now they are starting to come into middle and upper classes; however they have started behind and are only now starting to catch up. Immigrants came over and were given the cheap menial labor that no one wants to do.

When looking racial population in prisons, we need to look at the percentage of crime done by racial groups, how many are given warnings, and how harshly crimes are punished. If a white man and a black man do the same crime, at the same time, yet the white man walks free while the black man gets thrown in jail, there is a racial problem. If a black man does a crime while a white man doesn’t and the black man gets thrown in jail, there is no racial problem.

People all too quickly skip facts and jump to protests, riots, or worse. There isn’t anything wrong with protests, but people need to know what they are protesting about. Protests shouldn’t be held because a black man was shot by police. Protests should be held because either; A: a man was shot by police, or B: A black man was killed by a racist, who happened to be part of the police. Racism needs to be eliminated wherever we can.
Racism against Caucasians has been increasing, however no one cares because “White Supremacy.” Racism is racism, it is wrong, people need to get over the color of ones skin and start caring about how people think, act, behave, etc.

Let me ask a simple question. Is it okay to have a black’s only bathroom? No, right? How about a black only word? Apparently the answer is yes. If a White man says “Nigger” people get mad and up in arms. If a black man says “Nigger” then it’s cool and shows brotherhood. How is this different from having segregated bathrooms? The answer is it isn’t. One of two things needs to happen, social stigma around the word nigger needs to be lifted, or the word needs to be banned from our vocabularies. It is as simple as that. How can we hope for a world free of racism if we continuously perpetuate the cycle?
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