Heavy Sweating and Rash After Shaving Pubic Area

Reply Sat 7 Nov, 2015 10:54 pm
Hello, able2know community. I just started an account because this looked like a knowledgeable community to ask my question on and couldn't find an explanation regarding my specific circumstances online.

Anyhow, I have a problem. This is somewhat descriptive and it's talking about my groin area, so sorry if it disgusts you. I recently had a forest in my pubic area. I have shaven in and grown it out twice before. I decided it'd be a good idea to go smooth again, I don't know why. I've never had any problem with it before. Well this time I definitely did.

First I trimmed off the long hairs, then took a razor to all that remained in the shower, with the help of shaving cream. After I was satisfied I dried off and went about my day. The next day I didn't using shaving cream and decided to keep the hairs short and smooth. Around this time little bumps like a rash developed in my pubic area, but I kept shaving it, I wanted to keep this area smooth indefinitely.

Well that was a bad idea because now in addition to that rash and associated itch, my groin is sweating like crazy. I've always had an itchier than normal groin, but never excessive sweating. Like, if I put my finger in the area where the scrotum meets the base of the penis it's a pool of sweat, and it extends up the underside of my penis and down the left or right side of my scrotum, which has varied lately.

Online I've read about people having a rash, but no one mentioned this excessive sweating.

I acquired my own blade after 2 or 3 shaves, but the first few times I used a blade already in the shower, that my sister presumably used to shave her legs, but she might have also used in her pubic area, and it makes me gag to think of the possibility. If she has an STD could it have transferred to me via the blade, or is this normal?

Really, I just want to know if this is normal. I also want to know if it will go away on it's own or if it requires care. I assume I should stop shaving and grow back the forest?

TL;DR: After going from forest to clean-shave pubes, I developed a rash and an abnormally sweaty groin area after shaving multiple times. Please read the whole post!
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Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 07:49 am
Sounds like you've developed an allergy or a sensitivity to something or other (note: I am not a doctor). The pubic area is delicate, so you might be sensitive there but the soap and shaving cream are perfectly fine elsewhere.

It could be anything from your shaving cream or soap, to your sister's, or even the comfort strip on the razor blade if there is one.

I doubt that an STD was or even could be passed to you this way, but there's no downside to seeing a doctor. Just tell your parents you need a checkup or, if you really, really can't tell them why, you can claim headaches (I don't love the lying, but if you need to see a doctor and that's the only way it can happen, then sobeit. Better for you to get treated or at least checked out).

In the meantime, Job One. If you are old enough to shave, then you are old enough to have your own razor. Buy one that looks different from your sister's and make sure to tell her, this is mine, please don't use it. Take it out of the shower when you're not using it if there are any chances of confusion.

Consider a gentler soap or shaving cream or gel. I don't know if Aveeno makes them, but it's worth a Googling. Aveeno makes hypoallergenic products and they are usually fragrance-free (common fragrances can also trigger allergic reactions).
Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 10:11 am
Thank you for the help. Like I said after the first 2 - 3 shaves I got my own blade, but I didn't try anything hyopallergenic so I may give that a go. My plan was actually to stop shaving all together and see how that helps, but if it doesn't I'll go that route. If it doesn't get better after a week or two I'll see a doctor.
Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 10:14 am
I am big on Aveeno (I don't work for them or anything). I actually use their liquid soap to shave my legs (I am a lady-type person).
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Reply Sun 8 Nov, 2015 10:18 am
Don't wait that long to see a doc.

If you've got an infection you need treatment sooner rather than later.
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