Sing along with me

Reply Thu 30 Jul, 2015 06:41 pm
I'm lighter now today~
cause: the sun is out.
I weigh 30lbs less when the sun comes out.
The moon in the sky,
pulls my hair dreads out,
and I'm lighter in the day~
cause: the sun is out.

I thank gravity;
When the sun is out~
cause: I am lighter in the day.
at least 30lbs; about.

GRaaaa- vity, pulls me away,
to the, Sun: and the Moon; in the day.

When there ain't no sun,
and the moon is down.
I weigh 100lbs more then I do right now.
the sun, pulls the moon back into place,
and I lift out of bed and I'm hurled into space -

Cause: I'm lighter in the day,
when the sun is out.
I love gravity,
it takes off 30lbs about-
when the sun; is in the sky -

I'm an astronaut,
floating about.
zipping around,
when I'm not tied to the ground.
The sun, pulls the moon back into place,
and I lose another 15lbs around and jump up to kiss it's face.

I love floating in the sky
like a bird or balloon,
and I come back down to the earth when bed soon.

I love the sun,
because it makes me weigh lighter when I run~
and the moon, cause it's pulls me out of bed like a werewolf when she spoons.

So I am singing,

Everyone!!!; is insane!:
for assuming gravity makes them smarter in any way.
But that is:
oKay, because

In the sun;
they weigh lighter in the sun,
they float and prance and play in the air when in the sun.

Cause: it's ***Gravity*** (schnazzy hands).
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Reply Thu 30 Jul, 2015 06:54 pm
Gee guys. You're right. Atheists are smarter than religious people, because well: science so factually contradicts any evidence that we are right about our beliefs, while your beliefs... like gravity, prove religion is wrong cause you're so smart ~ like a bully is smarter than the child because, well, who has the ball?

So I just want to say thank you to every atheist for proving to me, using scientific evidence, just how much smarter you for understanding things like gravity, indicating religion is false.


I'll have to go rethink my life thesis.
Welp, looks like I still have time to catch my flight to the nearest binary star system, The gravitational pull is strongest right when it conveniently suits by agenda.
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