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I am looking for penpals, study buddies, revolutionists, self education resources, inspiration, pass-time, friends and associates,

as well as coming here for the primary purpose of:

educating and assisting others. Contributing my findings, opinions, and unbiased contributions.

I am a well-intentioned individual from a lovely city. I have fallen out with my friends because of my higher perspectives and goals were too hard for them to accept (despite the fact I never targeted, belittled or directly offended any of them prior to their disowning me.){They could not tolerate the notion or topic of God at all.}[They could not/ do not Understand in the least and are not open enough to even try to UNDERSTAND even without accepting, what it means.]

However. I have may goals and ambitions. I solved perpetual motion. I unified the worlds religions in perfect alignment. I have desires to help people all my life. I want to kill rapists and educate poor people. I want to bridge gaps and dismantle towers.

I am very easy going. But only if the going is good. If you want to take me down a dirty road, You make sure I know and like you first or I'll think your a lying scum-bag. I trust a trustworthy man in the deepest and darkest places. But I do not trust a dishonest man in the middle of public in day light under a security camera.

To the Kings Men, and those who aspire to attain a higher Code of Conduct.
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